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    What are the rules for matching m3u channels to EPG data? It seems inconsistent and only half channels match.

    M3U example:

    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-chno="1" tvg-id="I001.labs.zap2it.com" tvg-name="I001.labs.zap2it.com" tvg-logo="logo.png" group-title="GROUP1",My Channel 1

    EPG Channel:

      <channel id="I001.labs.zap2it.com">
        <icon height="270" src="logo.png" width="360" />
        <display-name>100 CHANNEL</display-name>
        <display-name>100 CHANNEL ABC:123</display-name>
        <display-name>The Channel</display-name>
        <display-name>General Channel</display-name>

    I get no auto-match linking (m3u: tvg-id) = (epg:channel > id). Even if rename channel name in M3u to say first line “100 CHANNEL” it doesn’t match, ex: (m3u: display name) = (epg:channel > display-name).

    Sometimes PP gets them and others not so much. In Windows PP it shows this EPG as a combo of all the display names: 100_CHANNEL100_CHANNEL_ABC:123100CHANNELThe_ChannelGeneral_Channel

    What’s the guidance on this to get them to match without having to manually map hundreds of channels?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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