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    I’m using a low powered Android TV Box – X96 Mini (S905W).
    Everything plays great with the Native decoder. But there is no subtitles support with it. If I use HW+ decoder, I get subtitles support but HD channels (prob around 15-20Mbps bitrate) are unwatchable (really slow playback, stutters, etc.). So can you add decoder that uses the decoders from the firmware for the actual video/audio but also reads the subtitles from the stream separately (or something like that (I’m not very familiar with how android video/stream play/decoding works))?

    I’ve tried another player (ProgTV) and everything work fine (subtitles + HD channels play nicely) but the interface is not very good (especially for remote control). In ProgTV for SD-MPEG2 channels I use one of the decoders in the firmware (OMX.amlogic.MPEG2.decoder); for HD-H264 and SD-H264 I use the “MediaPlayer+” decoder which according to the developer is the “MediaPlayer” decoder (uses codecs from the device’s firmware which I believe is the MediaPlayer Android API) plus some extras (like timeshift, recording, etc.). Strangely enough using “MediaPlayer” (without+) decoder on SD-MPEG2 channels doesn’t load subtitles but both “MediaPlayer+” and “OMX.amlogic.MPEG2.decoder” load them.

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