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    I have 2 IPTV provider and i would use 1 channel name for the same channel, explain:

    For example with 1st and 2nd provider i have the Bein 1 channel.
    Is it possible to have only Bein 1 one time on perfect player and switch to provider 1 and provider 2 with the same channel name, to avoid to have 2 channel for 1 channel name?
    With this slution, I could have 1 channel listed on perfect player with 2 link (one for the first prover, and the 2nd one with other provider)
    I hope you will understand me.

    Is it possible to do that?

    Thank for your answer.


    When you have several playlists in settings, you can use “Select playlists” item in channels list context menu to select active playlists.

    It’s recommended to set playlists names in:
    Settings->General->Playlist->Name (optional)


    Thank you for your answer.

    I activated it, but i have 2 channel bein sport listed on perfect player, one bein sport for my first playlist and 2nd bein sport for second playlist.
    I would only one bein sport listed in player. Can i use only one bein sport channel with 2 playlist. Then i could chose one time first playlist, second time second playlist in the same bein sport channel.



    You can use “Settings -> Advanced -> Groups management mode” to move some channels into a new group (for example, “Trash”) and then “Hide group” in channels list context menu.



    As you can see i have TF1 two times 1 for first provider 2nd for other provider.

    I would have only one line for TF1, but i would like to chose between TF1 1 and TF1 2 by double clicking or something else, to switch one time on first playlist one time on second playlist.
    If it is not possible, it will be possible to do?


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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