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    Love this player. I run 2 different IPTV services. I have not changed anything, no settings or anything. My second playlist works perfectly. No issues. But as I’m scrolling across the categories to my 1st service I get an error message saying Perfect Player has stopped. And closes down and I have to restart perfect player? Only to get the same error message. I am using perfect player on an Nvidia shield. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.



    1. Could you try it on another device?
    2. Could you send us the playlist (may be with modified URLs) that we can find and handle the issue?


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    Richard Ricks

    I’ve been getting the same on my shield. I have another device which seems OK but on the shield when I’m scrolling between categories it often crashes…


    Richard Ricks

    Just to confirm, the same playlist has no issues on 2 other devices. Just the shield, can do some testing if required..



    Is the issue happaning in previous app versions?


    glenn tamura

    1) Does the feed simply stopping and going back to the EPG qualify as a “Perfect Player Crash”.
    2) If yes, then the latest app crashes on me 5-6 times an hour. I was not going to inquire as I thought maybe intense Internet use (“Cyber Monday”), was making the feed unstable an quirky.
    3) I still have the previous version of PP, and will uninstall 1.43 and test v1.42 to see if it is unstable as well.
    3) We are testing our new 2018 Android Tablets and Android Set Top Boxes. They are proprietary, and all have at least 2GB or 3GB Ram, with Amlogic processors.
    Glenn Tamura



    glenn tamura
    1. It’s not a crash – more like server disconnect.

    Common recommendations:
    – Use more stable streams (playlist)
    – Try to select different decoder
    – Check your network bandwidth to the streaming server
    – Use wired ethernet connection (not Wi-Fi) if available



    Ok will do. I am wired internet. I have tried with multiple decoders. I have the latest PP.



    We need a playlist to find the crash reason.



    I was having the same problem yesterday multiple crashes on my Shield and was also happening on my son’s M8S android box, I created a backup of my settings, uninstalled the app and reinstalled again from Google play store, restored my back-up and have had no more crashes since on either box.



    Looks like the issue reason is the recent Nvidia Shield TV firmware update:
    SHIELD Android TV SW version 6.2 (24.32.406.417)



    Any kind of fix for this?



    Some users reported that previous version (1.4.2) still working fine with the latest firmware version 6.2.

    Some users reported that Backup->Restore sequence helps to solve the issue.
    Settings->Defaults->Backup/Restore settings

    However, we can’t reproduce crashing issue on Nvidia Shield TV with 6.2 SW version on Perfect Player IPTV with the playlist we was told reproducing the issue.
    Testing video

    Any details helping us to reproduce or solve the issue will be very helpful.



    This bug is definitely connected with Nvidia Shield TV SW firmware update 6.2.
    Crash log has been sent to Nvidia support forum.



    When I’m scrolling through categories, it seems to crash when it hits a category that is VOD, rather than IPTV. Not sure if this helps at all.

    I’ve switched to use folder views and I only get the crash when I go into the VOD folder.

    I can try some more testing later..

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 87 total)

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