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    Could you, please, send us detailed reproduction steps and probably files:
    1. Device model and firmware version
    2. TV model and selected resolution/frequency
    3. Minimal set of playlist/EPG files to be able to reproduce the issue

    It is very important to finaly find and fix the issue. Thanks!



    It may be the bug where any groups that contain VOD cause a crash on the shield?
    Try changing the display to the non-grid looking display…this usually works or increase the font size above standard works in some cases.

    Since I separated my IPTV and VOD, there have been no issues with the crash.
    Worth a try?



    I have increased the font size to Large. Let’s hope that helps. Thanks.



    Changing font size and channels list view mode are workarounds.

    If someone could help us to reproduce the issue, this will help many Nvidia Shield TV users. We do have Nvidia Shield TV 2017 device and 4K display to test it on.
    Please, help us to reproduce it. Thanks!



    @NIKLABS – How do you propose we can help exactly? We are willing to help if you provide a method that will help you test on your end, but also allow us to participate in your testing. By participate, I mean a way for us to get immediate feedback about what you are experiencing in real-time.

    I have sent numerous crash reports via the android feedback system, but as an android app developer I’m sure you must be inundated with tons of reports via Android’s developer dashboard that you probably don’t have time to look through.

    If you could implement a chat relay feature of some sort where users can get instant feedback from you or your team, that would help everyone out. Because of now, I’m sure it’s frustrating for everyone to have back and forth conversations in a forum thread where they may have to wait hours or days to get a response. Relay chats like Discord will shorten the response time and will encourage more users to provide testing feedback and assistance to your team.

    Please consider this suggestion.



    crash reports from Shield TV devices shows that the issue not in app itself, but in firmware libraries and occurs only on Shield TV devices starting from 6.2 SW update. So, it’s not something simple and we should reproduce it on our side to be able to fix or workaround.

    One should describe steps we need to do to reroduce it. For example:
    1. Install Perfect Player
    2. Add playlist in settings
    3. Show channels list and scroll through channels groups 10-15 times until crash occurs

    Probably, we do need a playlist URL or file with specific channels name or something. You can change streams URLs as this could contains private information. We do only need channels names.

    Probably, some system settings could be the reason (system language, display resolution, other tweeks) as not all Shield TV users are affected.



    Yes, I am sure the Android Dev dashboard is useless in this case, but I am not sure most users who choose to submit feedback through it understands this. So you may only be getting a fraction of the feedback from users with similar issues, who either know or bother to come in this forum to ask for help. Using the best mechanism (i.e. forum, email, chat room, etc..) to encourage and gather maximum user feedback, is the biggest challenge for most developers.

    Where do we send this information to?



    Finally, we’ve found “the crash issue” reason!
    Thanks to TVJunkie and others for feedbacks!
    We’ve sent infos to fix firmware to NVIDIA.
    Also, we’ll add a workaround fix in the next app update.



    Thank you for working on this… Great customer service. Looking forward to the updates 🙂




    Thanks, testing now.

    So far the only glitches I am experiencing is that it takes a while for Settings (Gear Symbol) to load. It showed “info.. please wait”, then exit back to the guide. It took about 5 minutes and a few tries to be able to enter it. I suppose it may have been hanging because it was trying to load program guide. Nonetheless, it took a while to be able to access this menu.

    Also, no crashes (so far) using default settings on N-Shield. Will continue to test, but the update is looking good for now.


    Jeffrey F Cristobal

    It’s happening also with me on the shield. But, i turned off the option, “download EPG logos” and it stopped the crashing for good. Everything has to be set to default before turning checking off that box.

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