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    I’m getting a cut out ever 4-5minutes, i have 70mbx5mb with virgin media, i ain’t sure if it is actually server overload or an intermittent fault, as its doing exactly the same on smart tv app. could you not as requested tell us which .ini file to edit to increase cache size, if only it buffered a little more, users with connections could still possibly get somewhat a usuable connection.

    Tried decoder settings: doesn’t make any difference whatsoever!


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    I am not going to repeat what the others are asking for. I have buffering problems too and I have 130Mx25M. I use the amazon box. My visitors come over and I want to watch a movie, and get embarrassed when the freezing starts. I think it would be best if I chose a movie and I do not mind waiting 10 or 15 minutes extra to let buffering get a head start. Then at some point I can press play and watch the whole movie without freezing. I do this right now using pause button and it helps. I prefer it to be done before starting the movie. Please answer these question from your followers.Thanks

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    Perfect Player v1.4.4

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    Hi Nikman.
    I update my perfect player to the last version 1.4.4 and now we have 4 options in buffering size.
    Can you tel more about it?
    The number 1 is the lowest size and the 4 the biggest one?

    Thanks for you hard work with this program

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    Buffer size:
    1 – smallest

    4 – biggest

    You can see current buffering progress in info bar’s timeline.
    Also, use “Pause” state to fill the buffer in advance.

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    Ok. Thanks Nikman

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    Thank you NickLabs. your long awaited update seems to run smoother. I still get skipping but it happens between 5 and 10 PM so that must be provider related. Too bad you can’t simply select a movie to watch and when it comes in, it beeps to let you know its there. Again, thanks for your work…

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    Brad Guthrie

    What is the best number to select if you don’t have the fastest internet but not the slowest. Asking for a friend…thanks

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    Hi Nikman
    Can you tell which buffering capability each option does?

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