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    Great product, thanks. In my Android 5 an above platforms I experience sometimes the following issue with 1080p HW streams. Audio is played but image does not show regardless of what decoder I choose.

    An example is this link which plays OK with VLC, but I can not make it to work in PP,

    In some occasions I have been able to fix by going into settings making a”fake” change and when I return back to main page the stream video also appears.

    Very strange, anybody has encounter this before this behavior in 1080p streams ?



    I am still having this problem with 1080p links, any recommendation or fix coming ?


    You should try it on another device to see if it’s device-specific issue.


    Thanks. Same result in a Samsung, Lenovo and LG all in different Android versions and device types. Do you have no issues in your Lab with this link below ?

    To resolve, I go manually to settings and then return back to main menu the video re-appears. Could this be a memory handling issue ?

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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