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    I am trying to set the decoder for audio only to software in perfect player but I didnt find an option.
    The reason is that some HD channels sound just work with software decoding but it seems like this optin is for picture AND sound.
    Is there any solution?

    Thanks in advance



    Hardware and Software decoders aims to use software audio decoding.




    i have the same issue. When i want to watch a HD program there is no sound for me only if I set the decoder to Software. Is there a way to use hardware decoder and set the audio decoder to software? Like there is the option in the mx player app where you can set the audio decoder to software.



    osaim, try to select Hardware decoder.




    it works fine for me with the mx player as well on my android box.
    I can choose there ONLY for audio software decoding and for video I set it to hardware so I have no bad video (box hardware has to less power for only software decoding). It seems like my box has no AC3 hardware support. Thats the reason.

    But if there a way to use perfect player with this box, I would be really happy.
    Beacuse Perfect Player is really the perfect player :D!



    Hardware decoder aims to use software audio decoding.

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    Back again to this question, I also want to join to ask to do option like on MX player. Possibility to set use software audio decoder on HW+ video decoding. Because there are till now are issue with some HD channels, mostly on Android boxes with Amlogic 905 chipsets with Android 9 OS. On Native and HW decoders there are micro lags viewing video, on SW video is like dropping frames, and only clear good image is possible get using HW+ decoder, bit in this case there are no any audio output :(. And on the same boxes using MX player with HW+ decoder and software audio all looks good. Will be nice have same feature on Perfect Player.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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