Full version on Amazon AppStore

Perfect Player v1.3.9 is now available on Amazon AppStore

Change log v1.3.9:

  • Added support of “Full version” purchase for Amazon AppStore
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9 Responses to Full version on Amazon AppStore

  1. jace voor says:

    Thank you so much how much in £

    • nikman says:

      Just select “Unlock Full version” option in Settings and you’ll see current price before purchase confirmation.

  2. mapls says:

    Thank you! Upgraded to full version a couple days ago. Just one suggestion – could you add the fire tv stick remote control’s fast forward and rewind button support? I am currently using the player with edem.tv playlist but there is no way to fast forward the video when using the archive. The only way is to disable the volume controls and then the left and right buttons work for fast forwarding the video. It’s also possible to use the up and down buttons, but that skips the video forward by a lot. The fast forward and rewind buttons don’t do anything in the player. The perfect solution for this would be to add a button assign mode but that would take time. Thank you! Wish you a happy New Year and keep up the great work.

  3. NOEL SANTIAGO says:

    Love the app. Have Full version on FireTV and Android TV. Is there a way to reorganize the channels in the order I want?

  4. Lee says:

    What’s the difference between the free and the paid version?

  5. alessandro says:

    just tried to connect to my provider. is it correct an instruction string like http://servename.ddns.net:80/get.php?username=aaabbbcc&password=azazaza&type=m3u&output=ts
    because i can’t get any channel

    • nikman says:

      Enter this URL in browser to see that it downloads playlist file. Check that there are no typos.

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