Generating playlist and EPG for XBMC

If you want to generate a playlist or EPG for XBMC then in Properties window:

  • Specify resulting playlist file for XBMC (XBMC playlist)
  • Specify the file in which final EPG will be written (XBMC EPG XMLTV file) – with the extension gz (!)

IPTV-Simple settings :

  • Set to use a local playlist file (the same as XBMC playlist)
  • Set to use a local EPG file (the same as XBMC EPG XMLTV file)
  • Set the folder with logos (the same as Logos directory)

XBMC settings in Properties window

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8 Responses to Generating playlist and EPG for XBMC

  1. dlman1999 says:

    I see in your example you have the check signal only for UDP channels.

    Does this mean your signal testing doesn’t work for TCP channels? ex RTMP

    • nikman says:

      If Check signal only for UDP channels is selected program will test signal only for UDP streams. Otherwise UDP and HTTP streams will be examined.
      You can also pick Scan selected channels popup menu item to check all selected channels no matter of this check box state.
      RTMP protocol support will be added in the next update soon.

      • dlman1999 says:

        This is great news!

        OK currently my M3U playlist has the following stream types:

  2. Chris says:

    I just discovered this program to use it as an easy way to edit my xbmc playlists and epg . it does a great job indeed .I have a small problem with epg . the exported file dosent show greek characters . what can i do to have a proper epg file ?

    thanks in advance :)
    keep up the good work with this program and i can help translate it in greek also

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