Keyboard shortcuts

Key Action
left, right IPTV: previous/next channels group
FILES, PLUGINS playing: small seeking
up, down,
page up, page down
move cursor
FILES, PLUGINS playing: big seeking
enter select item (play)
x stop
space pause/play
i show/hide playing info bar
EPG info: show/hide EPG program details
[, ] EPG info: select previous/next EPG program
e IPTV: show/hide EPG info
PLUGINS: show/hide plugin’s additional info
c show/hide channels/videos list
s source selection (IPTV/Files/Plugins…)
p Playing: show/hide video playing options
a Playing: next audio track
z Playing: next zoom mode
w Playing: next aspect ratio
t Playing: next subtitles
-, = volume down/up
m audio mute
u download and update provider(s) playlist(s)
backspace hide OSD
ctrl+enter enter/exit fullscreen mode
esc exit fullscreen mode
o show/hide service & media info
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  1. Jeff says:

    Can you please add a shortcut to add channels to favourites?

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