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  1. Mahamane says:

    How to do to get life tv

  2. Mahamane says:

    I got android box keedox box I do no how to set up

  3. it would be possible to implement as VLC player as external player? because devices cortex to7 / to9 1 gb ddr ram the application is very heavy and slows down the whole system.
    However, it is truly the most beautiful and complete application for Android on the IPTV, if it were lighter and more suitable for low-end devices would be the top.

  4. Mahamane says:

    I need link cause I don’t know any link for perfect player please

    • nikman says:

      You can find free M3U playlists in internet or ask your local internet provider if he provide IPTV. Also, there are many paid IPTV services.
      Then enter playlist URL in Settings -> General -> Playlist URL

  5. Mahamane says:


  6. Mahamane says:

    Hi guys still need your help cause I don’t know how to confugure perfect player please help me

  7. Mahamane says:

    You can explain to me to email thank you

    • barano says:

      You have to use a playlist like *.M3U
      use google to find some (e.g. IPTV france M3U)
      If you don’t know that they works, use VLC media player to test.
      If the playlist works on VLC then open Perfect Player and enter the playlist.M3U

    • barano says:

      sometime you have to disable ” use nativ player” then it works on my android box

  8. raiper34 says:


    I have playlist, but after about 1-2 min of playing video and audio freezes or drop down connection and return to main screen, can you help me please? This is only one great option for IPTV on android, I tried lot of apps but no success, only this one.



    • nikman says:

      Guess, you should find playlist with more stable streams and check your network connection.

      • raiper34 says:

        No, because i pay for it πŸ˜€ It works on open elec kodi with advancedsettiings.xml where i create catche, but same catche does not work in my android tv box…

    • barano says:

      I have the same problem
      what device are you using?

      • nikman says:

        This is common’s problem. Guess, their servers do not provide enough bandwidth and video stutters and buffering every minute. Use another playlist.

  9. mike says:

    how can i get on mac?

  10. ben says:

    Is there a way to decode AC3 audio? Maybe with an in app purchase for the license?
    I have streams with AC3 audio πŸ™

    • nikman says:

      Android or PC?

      • ben says:


        • nikman says:

          Try to uncheck “Use native player” option in Settings. Restart needed (by double “Back” button pressing).

          • ben says:

            I already tried to uncheck this option and restart. But same result, no sound with ac3 audio.
            Do I need to install/configure something on my android device?

          • nikman says:

            Are you sure it’s ac3? Maybe some more specific protocol?
            You can try to set “Digital audio output” to “HDMI” or “SPDIF” passthrough, if your device has such options in settings. Set “Use native player” checked for this case.

  11. ben says:

    Yes it’s ac3. I have this information in properties : codec ATSC A/52B (AC-3,E-AC-3)
    Digital Audio output was set to “Auto (SPDIF). I tried SPDIF, HDMI and PCM with native native player and without native player, same result (with restart application). No sound with ac3 audio πŸ™

    • nikman says:

      So, it is eac3.
      Are you listening through SPDIF interface?
      When you select HDMI, you supposed to hear it on TV. When SPDIF, in your SPDIF audio receiver.
      When “Use native player” selected or “PCM”, you can here sound in analog audio output, I guess.

  12. extream87 says:

    Exists some type of automatic subtitles addon?

  13. Milan says:


    Can you add repeat/loop function on android player

  14. luca says:

    Can someone help me out I was just wondering if is there anyway to do timeshift with the app I’m in Canada and I’m watching Italian live tv but the time is off on the TV guide.

    • nikman says:

      One of the ways is to set ‘Shift’ value in hours for the EPG source in Settings.

      • luca says:

        Thanks for the reply, I tried doing that but I don’t see where it says time shift on settings do you have a step by step? I have to go back -6 hours

        • nikman says:

          In dialog where you can modify EPG’s URL set ‘Shift’ value to -6

        • nikman says:

          Actually, if you have correct timezone settings in your system and use correct EPG source, EPG data should be shown correctly. Manual shift can be used as additional tool in strange situations.

  15. suren says:

    i have a m3u playlist file. how to upload it?

    • nikman says:

      If you have local M3U file, simply enter its path to Playlist ‘URL or path’ field in Settings or use file browser (folder icon) to select it.
      For Android 6 you’d need to manually enable Access Permission -> Storage for the Perfect Player in system’s settings. Will simplify it in the next release.

  16. cere says:

    Hi there,

    I just started using Perfect Player on my TV Box and works even better than Kodi. I am watching Spanish TV from an online list and the channels are showing logos without putting any link in logo directory, how is that possible.
    After seeing this I was wondering if it’s possible to get the EPG, and if so, anyone knows a website where to get it?

    • nikman says:

      If you have predownloaded logos in some directory you can setup it. Perfect Player tries to find supposed logos. However, you can assign missed logos by means of ‘Logos assign mode’ – See this video tutorial.
      Hope, you can find Spanish EPG links on internet.

      • cere says:

        Done!!! After a couple of hours making a manual list (epg) and processed with Webgrabplus I can say Perfect player is great πŸ˜‰ The only con is that I need to re-done it every week tho
        Now I’ll try to get the missing logos.


      • cere says:

        I’ve been trying to add logos downloading them in png (all with the same name as channel) and putting them in a folder. But after that I’ve selected that folder in the program but it doesn’t seems to work. Do you know what could be the problem?

        • nikman says:

          Does you playlist contains tvg-logo tags – it’s overrides channels names on finding logos matching?
          Can you show one channel’s description in playlist and its logo name?

  17. cere says:

    Thanks for your quick answer nikman. One more question is, what’s the difference between the free version and the premium one on Android? As I’m thinking to buy it.


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