Meet the Android version

This is the first public Android release. Thanks for your support and donations!
Your feedbacks are very important for further improvements.

What’s in this release:

  • Includes almost all PC player’s featues and some extras.
  • Nice OSD menus and infos for easy and pleasant viewing videos with minimum user actions.
  • Watch IPTV with logos and EPG (XMLTV and JTV formats supported).
  • Watch local video files.
  • Watch online videos with plugins.
  • Plugin interface updated to v0.2.0. Plugins have become universal and will work on all platforms.
  • The code has been significantly redesigned to optimize memory usage and improve performance.
  • Controlled by mouse, keyboard, remote control, pointers, etc.
  • Recent versions of android are recommended.

Copy needed plugins to any directory on sdcard and set Plugins directory in app Setttings. Then restart.

Please, offer interesting resources to which we can create new video plugins.

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  1. Xander says:

    Hi, it is impossible for me to figure out how to use PP on Android TV with the TV remote? Is there any guide, instructions, etc. for that? I have NVIDIA Shield and the remote has pretty much 5-6 buttons and I can’t call many of the UI functions… Even with another universal remote – same issue.. Any instructions would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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