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Perfect Remote 1.0.5 released

Change log v1.0.5:

  • Channel icons display
  • German localization
  • Option to force full playlist refresh
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Perfect Remote on Amazon AppStore

Perfect Remote app is now available on Amazon AppStore.

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Android version 1.4.2 released

Change log v1.4.2:

  • Added smooth seeking for videos and channels archive
  • Use “FF”/”RW” keys for seeking
  • Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (logos)
  • Added TXT subtitles support for Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixed volume controls handling for SONY BRAVIA pre M and Amazon Fire TV
  • Improved HD multicast streams playback stability
  • Added support of playlist URL with authentication (http://user:pass@url)
  • Added RTSP support (Hardware and Software)
  • RTP streams support through UDPXY
  • Added Romanian localization
  • Other fixes and improvements
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Perfect Remote translation


You are welcome to help with Spanish, Italian or other language translation of the
Perfect Remote app:

Please, send your translations to: nikman@niklabs.com


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Perfect Remote 1.0.4 released

Change log v1.0.4:

  • Search in playlist
  • Autorepeat volume and up/down buttons (press-and-hold)
  • Swipe down to force playlist refresh (regularly it is refreshed automatically)
  • Bugs and stability fixes
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Android version 1.4.1 released

Change log v1.4.1:

  • Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (EPG, groups, sorting, stability)
  • Fixed volume control for all Android TV devices (recent firmare update issue)
  • Decreased UDP streams startup latency with Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixes and improvements
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Android version 1.4.0 released

Change log v1.4.0:

  • Added “Perfect Remote” support – Remote Control app for Perfect Player
  • Added “Hide/Show group” option in “Groups management mode”
  • Auto confirm EPG notification after 15 sec timeout
  • Extended EPG info font size according to selected font size in settings
  • Added Polish, Turkish and Kurdish localizations
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Full version on Amazon AppStore

Perfect Player v1.3.9 is now available on Amazon AppStore

Change log v1.3.9:

  • Added support of “Full version” purchase for Amazon AppStore
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Android version 1.3.8 released

Change log v1.3.8:

  • Added new theme “Snow”
  • Added options to set clock size and position
  • Added “Playback in background” option
  • Added support of XMLTV EPG packed with TAR.GZ
  • Exit without confirm when started from file managers
  • * Added Openbox/Fortis/SkyWay SAT receivers support
  • Fixes and improvements

* Example
#EXTINF:0,Channel 1
udp://@ – receiver IP-address
sat_idx – sat value
svc_idx – channel value
net_protocol – udp=1 or rtp=0

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