Perfect Cast 1.1.10 beta8

Change log v1.1.10b8:

  • Improved Perfect Player v1.4.5+ support:
    • Added archive/catchup support
    • Added “Stop” button and long tap on “Back” button to exit Perfect Player
  • Support of multiple local playlists
  • Ability to use local m3u files as playlists
  • Playlist labels
  • Portuguese localisation
  • Bug fixes

Download as APK: pcast-1.1.10b8.apk

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One Response to Perfect Cast 1.1.10 beta8

  1. Chucky says:

    I have a problem to display the channel when selecting the chromecast.
    Indeed, i can only see the channels since i select my phone but not in Chromecast view. They just disappear.
    I succeeded to manage to do it once but not since.

    Any ideas ?

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