Perfect Cast 1.1.9 released


Change log v1.1.9:

  • Perfect Remote has been renamed to Perfect Cast
  • IPTV archive/catchup support for locally configured playlist (requires additional configuration, check with your IPTV provider)
  • Added ability to play Perfect Player playlist on the local device (continue to watch your channel on your device while your family wants to switch TV to another channel, requires Perfect Player 1.4.4+)
  • Fixed “TV guide is empty” issue (introduced in 1.1.6)
  • Performance improvements
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4 Responses to Perfect Cast 1.1.9 released

  1. Jesse says:

    Does this work on fire devices? If so, how?

    • elya says:

      Perfect Cast will be released on Amazon App Store tomorrow. While if you are talking about Fire TV devices you should better try Perfect Player IPTV app, which is designed for TV devices.

    • Elya says:

      You can also use Perfect Cast as a remote control for Perfect Player (installed on Fire TV). For this on your Fire TV you should go to Perfect Player settings -> GUI -> Enable Perfect Cast. Then on you phone you should run Perfect Cast -> menu -> Select TV -> and choose your Fire TV.

  2. Hi!

    Is it posible to backup the list of channels that I select on the favorites list?

    I just select all my favorites channels on my phone and now I would like to have them on my tablet, I couldnt find an option for this, should I select my favorites channels again?

    Thanks for your time, greetings!

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