Perfect Player 1.0.5 released

Change log:

  • Plugin interface updated (version 0.1.2). Allows fetching extra data (items descriptions and thumbs) and getting plugin’s icon image. Any description text’s parts can be highlighted by color. Some objects moved to plugin interface to make plugins writing more simple. Updated description and plugin source code can be found here:
  • Added: Plugin extra info window with title, description and thumb. Show/hide window – button ‘i’ in plugin media list window title or ‘e’ key. Video review:
  • Added: Folders entering history in plugins media list (to correctly setting cursor when return to previous folder).
  • Improved: GUI responsiveness when video start playing for plugins and loacal files (graph creating moved to separate thread).
  • Channel’s add date parameter added. Showed in tooltip on channels table as “Added: …”.
  • Added: About program info dialog.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
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