Perfect Player 1.0.8 released

Change log:

  • Added MKV subtitles selection and rendering. t – select next subtitles.
  • Added has subtitles and more than one audio tracks info icons into info panel bar
  • Added RTMP, MMS, RTSP, RTMPE, MMSH, HTTPS protocols handling in playlists.
  • Added playing and scanning some simply defined RTMP streams (maybe further improvements needed).
  • Added in Properties window startup mode selection: Normal, Fullscreen, In tray.
  • Added thanks in About window.
  • Fixed: Selection of audio tracks by stream index. Correct selection of defaut audio track in Playback options window.
  • Fixed: posibility of two active windows at the moment when splash disappeared.
  • Fixed: played URL status (plugins history) occasional reset.
  • Fixed: hidden and no signal channels don’t disappeared in XBMC playlist.
  • Fixed: Correct timeline drawing at 0 playing position.
  • LAV Filters updated to v0.63.0.
  • Updated to latest timezones and JRE 1.7.0_72.
  • Updated ( plugin): fixed series status parsing.
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60 Responses to Perfect Player 1.0.8 released

  1. dlman1999 says:

    Need to add capability for multiple playlists. Maybe a projects feature. I want to test little lists and then merge into bigger list.

    • nikman says:

      You can add multiple playlists already.
      Also you can save and load all settings and channels configurations – Save settings and Restore settings buttons.

      • dlman1999 says:

        Yes you are correct the loading works great. The issue I am having is how do I unload all of the channels saved in the bottom left area in the program.

        It appears that your software is setup to make only one list of channels. This is a problem. For example right now i have 3500 channels in there and it took over a day to test one time and then it stopped responding on the second pass.

  2. dlman1999 says:

    Loaded 3500 channel list to test and it was unable to test it. Now i don’t have a way to delete this list from the system. I have already deleted everything from the settings folder. I have deleted all file references from under properties and the list is still there trying to test.

  3. dlman1999 says:

    http://ip address/;stream.nsv not able to test marking as blue should probably add another color that identifies as unsupported format.

    I have several streams that were marked as blue that are working channels. The testing is not accurate.

  4. DaneViking says:

    Delete post above! Wrong post from me! 😀

    First of all, thanks for a super piece of software. However, I do have a few problems with it. I have a service that updates the links automatically, and I would love to sort the channel list with your software. However, due to the format of the m3u file, none of the channels are listed in the software – but it plays fine with IPTV Simple Client in XBMC

    I’ve had a look in the cache file that the client can give, and when I open that up I can see that it look like this:


    #EXTINF:69295,Canal 9 HD

    This means that no channels load up in the player. However, if I edit this file and saves a new one, however, this time deleting the spaces, so the lines instead look this:


    #EXTINF:69295,Canal 9 HD

    Also, see the picture in the link:

    Any chance you can alter the loading way, so it’s not sensible to the spaces in the file? That would be awesome! 🙂



    • nikman says:

      Sure, I will fix this issue. It will be included in the next release. Let me know if you need faster.

      • DaneViking says:

        Would love to try it, once you have it done. I don’t use IPTV at the moment this much. That site have an EPG link as well, which doens’t load into Perfect player. Works in XBMC though..


        IPTV link:$1

        If you want, just mail me when you want some tests! Would be awesome to be able to sort the channels with your software! 😀

        • nikman says:

          The reason is that EPG file at your link is not packed (GZIPed). Don’t know why is that…
          I updated 1.0.8 release. Please, download and reinstall. I guess it must solve these issues.

  5. DaneViking says:

    About the links above. WordPress changed the formatting, so just look at the link instead. 🙂

  6. DaneViking says:

    Another question or request! 🙂

    Everything loads fine now, and I’m busy busy in the setup of everything. However, I have a few draw backs.

    I won’t save the listed EPG in the GZ-file that I want. Perhaps an error in the latest version?

    And a possible feature. When you select a channel ad hidden, would it be possible to hide it as well in the saved m3u-file, so the channel will not be loaded in XBMC? That would be awesome!

    • nikman says:

      1) Updated – EPG saving should work now with unpacked xmltv files too… Please, download again.
      2) Hidden channels will not be in XBMC’s playlist. Program works exectly as you’ve described.

      • DaneViking says:

        Was some settings in the XBMC plugin that didn’t update for some reason!

        Now the EPG works too. AWESOME! 😀 😀 😀

  7. marfegte says:

    nikman this new friend was very good with rtmp protocol
    but not open the stream this format

    rtmp:// playpath=hbo2 swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl=

    • nikman says:

      Your playlist and EPG seems working for me.
      What you need is to set EPG and Logos bindings once. Also, you may want to perform Unset all for EPG and Logos to perform initial Auto mappings then.
      See settings video review.

  8. vspeed says:

    The new version has some bad memory leaks when scanning if channels are online.
    it’s consuming 1.4GB o ram.

    I never tested the old ones.

    • nikman says:

      I don’t thinks this could be leakage, I tested it strong.
      It utilizes memory politics that keeps balance between memory usage and performance. So, it will be released when needed gradually.

  9. vspeed says:

    So, what is it doing to be consuming the entire CPU?

    I just opened the program. It has around 2500 chanels and some links for epgs.

    is it failing to process something and in an infinite loop? when i had like 50 channels and no epgs it wasn’t using the cpu always like this.

    Thank you.

    • vspeed says:

      nope, it’s not the EPGs, just removed all links, restarted the program and it’s doing the same. It has some problem with big lists of channels. Can you please correct it?


      • dlman1999 says:

        I had similiar results with a 3500 channel list took over 24 hrs for one test and never was able to complete the second test.

        • vspeed says:

          by test you mean scanning the channels?
          I’m not even mentioning that. Just right after opening the program it keeps consuming a lot of cpu doing nothing.

    • nikman says:

      Some freezes may occur with large resolution logos files.
      Logos files should not be larger then 256×256 px. This leads to unjustified utilization of resources.
      You can use FastStone Image Viewer to batch process logos sizes.

      • Ola says:

        Hi ,I have a perfect player ,it worked first time and after that it froze and it is stuck on the download tab ,I uninstall and re installed it but the same problem still stands ,I can’t get rid of the download box , what can I do ?

  10. dlman1999 says:

    So you are thinking the CPU utilization is based on over-sized logos, ok I will investigate. Right now I am really struggling on getting your software to accurately test channels. I load a small list of ~80 channels and set it up for testing on startup, I open the application I can see it is going through the list testing. the ones that the software says are good I can’t open. What do you recommend or is this testing just a see if we get a response type testing?

    • nikman says:

      Channels scanning works well for UDP, HTTP and some RTMP streams. It checks server response and also performs initial stream parsing. However it’s not create graph for each channel and not trying to play stream to check is whether it’s working.
      Of course, there are may be situations when tested channels can not show.

      • dlman1999 says:

        I was afraid of that. Would attempting to capture the stream bitrate and resolution better determine if the stream is working or not. For example look for 480p @ 700kbs, in the event no resolution or bitrate then no signal.

    • Tiago says:

      It’s not the case with me. I don’t have logos and neither EPGs right now. I just have a list of 3000 channels where about 1000 are offline (already scanned)
      Right after opening the program it consumes instantly 60% of the CPU…
      I don’t even touch anything.
      During the startup of the program is scans the m3u links to check for updates/new channels and everything seems to work fine, but even after updating the list it still consumes 60% of the CPU. Could it be something with the list update?

      How can I help you? it would be really nice if you can correct this. I want to leave the program open so it scans if channels are up and updates the lists automatically at least once a day.

      Thanks a lot for your excellent work 🙂

      • nikman says:

        I just passed 306 channels scanning and I’ve had ~10% CPU usage both during scanning and idle.
        Probably, you do have this much CPU load because of small player’s screen refreshing.
        You sholud check hardware acceleration and try to select Render priority -> Speed in Properties.
        Also, try to determine if this happens without channels scanning.

        • vspeed says:

          It happens without channel scanning. I wrote that in the comment above. It keeps using 60% of the CPU doing nothing.

          • nikman says:

            Try to: 1) minimize the app 2) display not channel’s list in player but sources window, for examle 3) steps from previous post.

  11. dlman1999 says:


    I have a new feature request.


    What I am finding is your software is EXCELLENT as a playlist/group/channel manager!


    I am hoping at some point in the future you will figure out a way to do the channel testing. Even if it is slow and has to spend 30 seconds per channel to make the determination this would be the GAME CHANGER for the Industry!

    • vspeed says:

      I was about to ask that feature also 🙂
      but…for the size of mi list i guess it will take a lot of time to execute that task. But it would be great

  12. vspeed says:

    1) Yep, minimizing the app solves the problem
    2) seems to also solve the problem.
    3) no necessary to test this one.

    thanks a lot 🙂

  13. dlman1999 says:

    1. Need to be able to delete previously saved playlists, settings…. without doing it manually.
    2. When adding and selecting files to add as playlists or saving playlists need to remember last folder instead of starting from very close to root, just loaded quite a few playlists and think I have carpal tunnel now.
    3. Need to add a delete from playlist option for channels, to where it is gone. You can add a confirmation box if you have to. Having to open playlists in another program to make this edit.

    • nikman says:

      1) I think this would be Reset to defaults feature in Properties.
      2) Ok.
      3) Isn’t it show/hide channels feature? Hidden channels are not in channels list and output playlist.
      4) Will see what I can do with URL duplicates.

  14. vspeed says:


    I have two new features to request:

    1 – When you have too many groups the menu doesn’t fit in the screen and the options are not visible. You should break the menu according to screen resolution and extend it to the side. (hope you understand what i mean)
    2 – disable playlists from the list with a flag but keeping them there.

  15. vspeed says:

    hey. btw, this link for example is working in XBMC PVR Simple TV but this program is marking them as unavailable after scanning

    rtmp:// playpath=b3axnblack?id=71244 conn=S:OK live=true swfUrl= pageUrl= live=1 timeout=15

    could you please correct this?

  16. Charles says:

    Great program. Is it possible to add support for Navi X playlists? Thanks

  17. Jay says:

    I have a ton of channels when i scan them and there blue in your program this means there good correct?
    How do i keep just the good links and then save it to use in xbmc ?
    any help would help lol

  18. nikman says:

    You should read program features at and playlist generation instruction at
    Channels determined as ‘no signal’ marked in blue – they will not be in the xbmc playlist automatically. Also, you can remove ‘no signal’ flag manually for the separate channels if you think they are ok.

  19. hutzel says:

    I tried to use it with acer travelmate b115 under Windows 8.1 x64 … It runs a bit but as soon as i move the mouse or anything It is skipping frames, stuttering and then freezing. Sometimes using 90% of CPU. i have have tried with and without hw acceleration and quality as well as speed settings no difference. Streams run smoothly with vlc and Kodi (simple iptv addon) and browser plugin. I have latest java. Any clues on how to fix it? I like the gui of this player would love to use it.

    • nikman says:

      Do you have integrated graphics card? Have you tried to start program with start_force_hwa.cmd? Does hardware acceleration: yes in media info window?

  20. hutzel says:

    ps. perfect player version 112

  21. Rogério says:

    lista de reprodução funcionando, somente aparece o video, sem o audio, exemplos \Discovery Channel\ rtmp://
    \Nova Brasil Fm \

  22. Kris says:

    Bonjour est xe qu’il est possibles de paramétrer perfect player de façon a ce qu’il puisse lire uke playlist m3u déposée sur Dropbox ?

  23. jimi says:

    like someone else has alredy reported above but not responded too – when I try to start Perfect Player it freezes. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but still freezes at same point.

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