Perfect Player 1.1.0 released

Change log:

  • Perfect Player (PC version from v1.1.0) can serve as IPTV data server. It can be used by other Perfect Players running on Android devices to:
    • request playlists download
    • fetch generated playlist
    • fetch EPG (prepared specially for the playlist)
    • fetch missed logos

    On Android: You can get playlist, EPG, logos and the ability to request playlist update right away by specifying only IPTV data server address in Settings.
    On PC: To activate this feature select IPTV data server enabled checkbox in Properties (restart needed).

  • Plugin interface updated to v0.2.0. Plugins have become universal and will work on all platforms. Web pages downloading speed increased. Update plugins.
  • Greatly improved processing and rendering performance and memory optimizations especially with huge channels quantity.
  • Added URL duplications resolving feature.
  • Added enabled checkboxes to playlists and EPG URLs tables to easily activate/deactivate separate playlists and EPGs.
  • playlists_EPGs_enable

  • Added Reset to default settings feature in Properties.
  • Added support of unarchived (non GZipped) XMLTV EPGs.
  • Channels groups selection dialog appears when there are more than 12 groups, instead of separate group popup menu items (to eliminate situations when popup menu does not fit on the screen).
  • Fixed: RTMP streams with PLAYPATH parameter are not checked and not marked as ‘no signal’ falsely.
  • Program keeps last added (as local file) playlist path runtime.
  • Update to the latest DSJ library.
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