Perfect Player 1.1.2 released

Change log:

  • Added Spanish localization. Thanks to Rafael Roa!
  • Added Ukrainian localization. Thanks to Katya Lelebina!
  • Added Font size preference in Properties. All OSD elements are scaled in accordance with font size. Available values: small, standard, large, extra large.
  • Added ability of moving selected playlist and EPG up/down to specify
    their priority. The first lines have a higher priority.
  • Show URL conversion with udpxy in channels table’s tooltip.

  • Added Hardware acceleration preference in Properties (enable/disable).
  • Added start_force_hwa.cmd into program’s directory. Its aim is to start Perfect Player with hardware acceleration forced.
  • Bugfix concerning groups in XSPF playlist repeated loading.
  • Small fixes.

If you want to help to create a localization for the PC or Android version, please, contact

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19 Responses to Perfect Player 1.1.2 released

  1. tiaafo says:

    Thanks for the great work.
    Can you please allow to add this kind of link to the list?

    #EXTINF:-1, Motors TV

    Or will the SimpleIPTV also not add the link even if I have the plugin to play the stream?


  2. tiaafo says:

    another request.
    can you add an option for expanding short urls?


    • nikman says:

      What do you mean?

      • vspeed says:

        I mean an option to expand short urls to full link paths. For example from, because IPTV Simple doesn’t like them and doesn’t play them. I have no idea why.

        Here is am online converter. The only one I know that can convert multiple urls at the same time.

  3. Karlis says:

    I have noticed that windows version of player do not properly assign logos. I have a lot of png logos but they are not automatically assigned in windows program. Only few were assigned. Changing of channel name and tvg-logo did not help. any clue?

    • nikman says:

      Does it happens when you press Auto button above logos table?
      Can you show me some of not auto assigned logos files and their channels names?

      • Karlis says:

        Yes. It happens when i assign logos automatically. Manual assignment is working fine, but its too time consuming.
        How i can show you?

        Logo Viasat History.png is not automatically assigned for this channel:
        #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name=”Viasat History” tvg-logo=”Viasat History.png” group-title=”Познавательные” ,Viasat History

        And logo MTV Rocks.png is properly assigned to this channel:
        #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name=”MTV Rocks” tvg-logo=”MTV Rocks.png” group-title=”Музыкальные” ,MTV Rock

        I don’t see any difference, but that is how it works now.

        Out of 269 channels only about 7-10 have logo assigned automatically. Android version is absolutely OK and logos are assigned normally.

        • Karlis says:

          Seems that i have found a problem. There is some issue with cache. Before i have loaded playlist first time, i had no logos at all. But then i added link to folder with logos. And auto assignment was not working. Even when i was reloading playlist and reloading files (in channel section)

          Then I have completely removed channels (in channels section) and added them again and now all logos were there. Perhaps you should change “reload files” button action to clear cache or memory and reload.

          And it is quite annoying that after each EPG manual assignment everything gets refreshed. Maybe you could add option to enable/disable auto EPG refresh after assignment.

      • Karlis says:

        But now i have found another issue.
        EPG is not checking tvg-name in playlist. Instead it checkes for channel name that is seen in the list. And therefore it is not automatically assigned to channels. I have tested it by changing channel name to one that is same with EPG name and EPG was automatically assigned. When changing channel to other name but leaving correct tvg-name, removes EPG assignment.

    • nikman says:

      Program reads all playlist data only for the first time as a starting point. Then it stores it locally to save all your channels manipulations (changing channels names, EPG assignments, logos, etc.), which can be lost if completely reload playlist each time.
      New channels loaded completely, of course.

      To completely reload all playlist data you should select needed channels and then use Remove selected channels item in channels table popup menu. Channels will be removed and then reloaded from playlist instantly.

      Channel’s unique ID is its name+URL.

      EPG reloading after each EPG assignment is necessary. It must reload EPG data again to load newly assigned channel’s EPG programmes.

      For EPG matching tvg-id tag is used (in PC version). tvg-name tag generates for EPG exporting compatiblity.

      • Karlis says:

        i have now issues with both tvg-id and tvg-name. Now no EPG is assigned. everywhere are question marks. I have added 3 EPG sources. m3u playlists with both tvg-id and tvg-name (formerly was assigning to channel name, because tvg-name not used by program). Tried removing/adding sources and channels.
        Nothing is working. D you have a clue where issue can be?

  4. Karlis says:

    So here are my testing results.
    Every time a playlist/channel is added, EPG column gets question mark regardless whether you have or not have correct parameters set in m3u. I have to press unset. Then all question marks disappear and when pressing auto, epg is assigned.
    Secondly, it seems that tvg-id did not help as EPG is still looking for channel name to assign EPG. For example:
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”Мульт” ,Мульт – EPG assigned
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”Мульт” ,Мульт Rus – EPG not assigned

    any thoughts?

    • nikman says:

      You are right.

      Auto EPG assignmet feature uses only channel’s names to find matching.

      The thing is, to be able to use multiple EPG sources Perfect Player changes tvg-id tags by adding EPG source name to it. This is to avoid possible tvg-id tags conflicts.
      So, at the initial playlist loading EPG matching will be correct only for playlists exported from PerfectPlayer (as it adds EPG source name to tvg-id tags).

      Of course, you can modify your input playlist manually like this:
      tvg-id=”teleguide_2″ or tvg-id=”linux-sat_5kanal”
      but I don’t know why you would need this as in Perfect Player you can set EPG matching in GUI easily.

  5. Karlis says:

    I have problems with loading all JTV EPG to windows program. XMLTV from same sources is loading ok, but JTV not. File enc CP866, Data enc. CP1251, JTV checkbox – yes

  6. marfegte says:

    would be cool to be you added support for mailru videos

  7. Marco Rizzato says:

    Hi, i saw that in the android version (1.4.2), you added the support of playlist URL with authentication. There is the possibility to do that in windows version?

  8. Pedro says:

    Porque o Perfect Player não abre os canais no meu windows 10? A lista iptv é ótima e abre em outros aplicativos. Está tudo funcionando, mas o mais importante não acontece que é a reprodução dos canais. Nenhum canal abre! O ícone de conexão fica girando na cor branca e depois muda para a cor vermelha e não abre. Como posso resolver isso? A versão que instalei é a 1.1.4.

    • nikman says:

      Currently, some HLS (m3u8) stream types could be not supported in Windows version.
      If you have the ability to use TS streams this should work fine (ask your IPTV provider “type=ts”).

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