Perfect Player 1.1.4 released

Change log:

  • Added Portuguese localization. Thanks to mar fegte!
  • Added Greek localization. Thanks to Chris Markeas!
  • Added Auto update checkbox to the EPG matching buttons section:
    • Unckeck it to avoid annoying EPG programmes reloading after each EPG manipulation.
    • Check it back when you finished manual EPG assignments.

  • Added very useful Stick by group channels list sorting. It is in popup Sorting menu.
  • Added PluginIPTV support. This plugins are for proper settings handling of specific IPTV providers. See plugin at Plugins page.
  • Improved playlist, EPG and plugin’s pages downloading: following redirects when net protocol changes. Widely used by URLs shortening sites like
  • Improved M3U playlist parsing:
    • All tags can be specified without quotes.
    • Added #EXTGRP lines parsing.
  • Fixed: URL converting issue when udpxy server is used.
  • Fixed: Encoding detection at EPG exporting.
  • Fixed: Very thin and low images rendering with locked aspect ratio (mostly affecting logos).
  • Updated libraries:
    • DSJ latest pre
    • LAVFilters-0.64
    • JRE 1.7.0_76

If you want to help to create a localization for the PC or Android version, please, contact

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42 Responses to Perfect Player 1.1.4 released

  1. tiaafo says:


    I had to return to the previous version. The program stops right after opening it, when trying to check/download one of my playlists.

    can you please check what can be wrong? I haven’t changed anything in my source playlists

    • nikman says:

      I don’t know why it stops. You can try debug logging. Write in terminal:
      “C:\Program Files\PerfectPlayer\PerfectPlayer.exe” >> d:\pp_logs.txt 2>&1
      Then send me pp_logs.txt file.

      Probably, it is local playlist. Local playlists path format changed to more human readable in v1.1.4. You need to reassign such playlists.
      At last, you can try to modify settings.xml to fix this issue. It is in … \AppData\Roaming\PerfectPlayer\ directory.

  2. tiaafo says:

    why doesn’t this epg works

    • nikman says:

      It is well known buggy Portuguese EPG. This EPG file has XML formatting errors:
      1) Missed quote after encoding name
      2) & charechters must be changed to &аmp;
      I hope someone can ask EPG creator to fix it.

  3. marfegte says:

    when you will come out a new version for pc?
    this my list so press the android


    #EXTINF:0, tvg-logo=”” group-title=”Under the Dome 3ª temporada Dublado”,01 – Move On

  4. gotovanko1 says:

    I try android version and its work flawless.But in pc version can’t get a picture.Same playlist and epg work flawless in android. Here import working,epg working,but when i choose chanel just start to buffering and no pic. Same m3u i play with pot player ,kodi..whats wrong

    • nikman says:

      Hard to say. Maybe, some installed in system codecs conflict or currently unsupported on PC version streams format.

      • Billy says:

        same issue here and also others i know cant get it to work, same m3u works on vlc player

  5. samir says:

    I try android version and its work flawless.But in pc version can’t get a picture.Same playlist and epg work flawless in android. Here import working,epg working,but when i choose chanel just start to buffering and no pic. Same m3u i play with pot player ,kodi..whats wrong

  6. Branko Kalik says:

    how do i turn the volume up on this thing…it’s on a pc

  7. abdel says:

    please when I istall this programme (perfect palyer) it makes me his file is corrupted.

  8. IPTVMan says:


    the LOCK CHANNEL seems to not work with the normal version of the APP.
    i locked some channel and when i select them again thear are cleared !
    i want to lock the ADULT Channels… could you please advice?


    • nikman says:

      No such option on PC version.

      On Android version you need to specify: Settings->GUI->PIN code

  9. IPTVMan says:

    Thanks for the reply, i meant the android version… i have set a PIN Code..but when i lock a channel it shows the Lock Symbol on the menu but once i click on the channel the lock gets cleared automatically and immediately, am i missing something here?

    so how can i lock the channel?


    • nikman says:

      When you enter correct PIN-code “unlocked” status is maintained for about 10 min or until restart. So, you don’t need to enter PIN-code on each channel startup.

  10. IPTVMan says:

    thats it 🙂
    thx, it worked like a charm


  11. Chuck says:

    Love this app! Does this app player play only .ts streams?
    I ask because I’m working on a plugin and I’m having issues on seeing .mp4 and .avi video streams.

  12. in windows 10 it doesn’t open on first install so nothing has been loaded also tried win 8 compatibility mode and no change

  13. Pete says:

    I;ve installed PP.1.1.4 on my PC running windows 10- playlist is there, epg is there, logos are there – yet when i go to play anything red circle, same playlist works in PP on my firestick, also works on my pc in vlc, what am i missing??

  14. theforgedigital says:

    Have this running on android & amazon sticks great, 2 small probs on windows version

    As above get red circle on some channels what I can add to this is that they are VOD channels not streams

    Also (and prob me missing something basic here) no sound on any channels , running windows 10 btw.

    Any help appreciated

    • Kevin D Jessen says:

      Same issue for months with me. PP works perfectly on Fire Stick, Android device, but on WIndows, playlist loads, EPG loads, but red circle and won’t connect. And mine are channels, same ones that work on fire stick and android. What gives?

  15. IPTVSA says:

    Hi Team, I am facing the below error for some of the channels.

    “Error Creating graph: Channel Name: HTTPStreamingSource: Failed to set up source : Timeout! Could not determine PES PID’s”

    While the same .m3u8 url working fine with all other players.

    Please help me how to fix it , is there any way to disable the PES PID’s.

  16. Dheer says:

    Hi Nikman,

    Perfect player current engine not supported AES in HLS. Please help , any add-on or plugins.
    Or any next release

  17. Bennett Zack says:

    who can give me the user agent and url for perfect player please

  18. Ray Pizer says:

    Download fails every time when trying to download Perfect Player to high spec new Windows 10 Laptop. Help please.

  19. Uphantom says:

    Hello pro, could you help to add remote support for PC in next version? thank you very much.
    Btw, I want to help with Vietnamese language.

  20. Jimbo says:

    How do I get to Group Management mode in the windows version? I can’t find anything on it in Properties..

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