Perfect Player 1.4.5 beta3

Change log v1.4.5b2:

  • Fast app startup (after second restart) even with a large number of channels (thousands)
  • Significant performance optimizations when scrolling through the channels list
  • Impoved Perfect Cast v1.1.10+ app support
    (added archive/catchup support, “Stop” and “Exit” controls)
  • Improvements when starting playback from Perfect Cast and file managers
  • Added improved channel duplicates elimination
  • Added support of multiple EPG URLs in “url-tvg” tag separated by commas
  • Fixed switching to a previously played channel
  • Added Swedish localization
  • Other fixes and improvements

Change log v1.4.5b3:

  • Files:
    • Display “mp3” files
    • Ability to pass through no-access folders
  • Fixed possible issues on Android TV
  • Other bugfixes
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34 Responses to Perfect Player 1.4.5 beta3

  1. Steve says:

    Any chance on adding support for custom buffer with native decoder in this version? Would help a lot for android tv boxes.


  2. Ugur says:

    All ac3 sounds doesnt work. Could you test it. Tanix tx92

  3. sendy says:

    Please add Auto Hide Channels List after few seconds. Other apps have it, but i love PerfectPlayer:)

  4. paul says:

    ihow do i remove ads on new beta app? ive paid on my original ?

    • nikman says:

      First install the app from Google Play. Then install beta-version upon Full version installed from Google Play – this will keep Full version on beta.

  5. david says:

    not installing on firestick

  6. dav says:

    That’s would be great if we can move channel inside the playlist direclty from the android app and / or we can retrieve and download the saved list to edit it on pc

  7. Rd76 says:

    Did this get rid of the flashing when used on the shield?

  8. Refael says:

    Please can add subtitle editor
    Shadow, lication, font, encode

  9. Nikolay says:

    Kind time of the day!
    I want to thank you for the excellent program.
    Also I want to offer you small comments on the improvement of the program for viewing IPTV and in the car.
    The fact is that I use the prefix on the Android with your program to view in the car and receive a signal through the mobile Internet 3G and 4G.
    Since the car constantly moves at different speeds and the signal of the cellular network is not always stable, buffer helps very well.
    Now my wishes:
    1. Make it so that if the signal from the server disappeared, the program with a 1-2-second periodicity without any restrictions on the number of times checked the presence of the signal (tried to connect to the server). This is very useful if the car got into an area where there is no cellular signal and with time when the signal appears, playback will automatically start. Currently, you have a limit on the number of attempts to find the signal and if the signal is not available for a long time, the search stops.
    2. In the absence of a signal, instead of an empty screen, you can show a table about the absence of a tv signal with the message “NO SIGNAL”. So it will be much more familiar and understandable.
    3. There is a lack of manual signal quality selection in the menu, it is useful when there is weak Internet. It is possible to make the AUTO-MAXIMUM-MEDIUM
    For example, the table can look like this by reference …

  10. Luís simao says:

    The only thing needed to PP is to have a way to get the full version for ppl that use the program on MAg box. I have it running but with publicity.

  11. mehdi says:

    its a perfect app a very good iptv app but one thing why the scrolling between channel’s is to slow ?

    • nikman says:

      Do you mean switching channels for playback or browsing through channels list?
      For the first case, please, try to select different decoder.

  12. Richard says:

    I’m getting a lot of buffering when watching Perfect Player on my Shield. I’ve tried two different IPTV providers and both are giving tons of buffering. I have very fast internet and didn’t have problems before using perfect player. Any way to remedy this?

    • nikman says:

      You can try to select different decoder and watch buffering progress bar in info bar.
      For the streams with unstable performance you can use “Pause” to fill buffer in advance.

  13. Richard says:

    I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

  14. hello why perfect player dont read file even if vlc read it i hope that perfect player read all files iptv thank you

  15. mick says:

    hello Nikman, i am trying to play link like this:
    http://xxxxxxx/xx.m3u8|User-Agent= ExoPlayerDemo/5.2.0.biNu (Linux;Android 5.1) ExoPlayerLib/2.3.0

    but PP sends useragent string partially like this:
    http://xxxxxxx/xx.m3u8|User-Agent= ExoPlayerDemo/5.2.0.biNu

    if i put same useragent in settings then it send whole string and works flawless, but i want to send different useragent for different links. I tried it with different links but same problem.

    Is there any other wayout to user useragent in m3u.


    • nikman says:

      Try to use quoted value instead:
      User-Agent="ExoPlayerDemo/5.2.0.biNu (Linux;Android 5.1) ExoPlayerLib/2.3.0"

  16. JUAN says:

    Hola Nikman,
    I am happy every day with perfect player of the best apps and accompanied with perfect cast, it is a genius, I would like you to include the following features that I have not seen:
    1. Numeration of the channel in the Info bar, show you the logo, name and channel number, without looking for it in the channel list.
    2. Be able to modify how the subtitle, size, type of font is viewed.
    3. when a channel goes down, retry automatically and if it can not connect, show a background with no signal
    4. Manual selection of quality, in case of having a poor bandwidth.

    I hope you can take it into account and tell us.

  17. MH says:

    Hello nikman,
    Can you Please add Auto Hide Channels List after few seconds.
    Other Iptv Player apps. have it.

  18. Steve B says:

    Just a way to identify which channels have catch up when using the xc tag would be fantastico!

  19. Markc says:

    will there be any newer color scheme skins in the future or the ability to adjust the transparency on the menu to make for easier epg viewing? many thanks

  20. Athos says:

    Hello Nikman, is it possible to put one bouquet direct in favorites and not channel by channel. Thanks very much for your app.

  21. John says:


    When you have a PIN added I’d like to see that you can’t exit the app without the PIN.
    Also my IPTV service is showing all shows in the root even though they are putting them all in a signal folder. I’ve asked them to fix it but they said it’s something to do with PP if you could check that out it would be great. Right now I’m seeing over 200 groups because it’s not allowing a root folder for example tv shows it’s just showing all the shows under the group root.


    • nikman says:

      There is no way to prevent user from leaving the app on Android.

      You can check (open in text editor) if there are “group-title” tags in your playlist.

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