Perfect Player released


Change log v1.4.5.1:

  • Fixed possible app crash

Change log v1.4.5:

  • Fast app startup (after second restart) even with a large number of channels (thousands)
  • Significant performance optimizations when scrolling through the channels list
  • Impoved Perfect Cast v1.1.10+ app support
    (added archive/catchup support, “Stop” and “Exit” controls)
  • Improvements when starting playback from Perfect Cast and file managers
  • Added improved channel duplicates elimination
  • Added support of multiple EPG URLs in “url-tvg” tag separated by commas
  • Fixed switching to a previously played channel
  • Added Swedish localization
  • Other fixes and improvements
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42 Responses to Perfect Player released

  1. Alan says:

    Does this version have the buffer settings?

    • nikman says:

      Settings->Playback->Buffer size

      • Paulo Santos says:

        Hi nickman
        Can you say in milliseconds witch buffer option offers?
        1 for example 5ms
        4 for example 20ms


        • nikman says:

          It depends on streaming bandwidth.
          1 – about 15-30 seconds of HD video, 2 – twice bigger, etc.
          You can see current buffering progress in info bar and use “Pause” state to fill buffer in advance.

          • Paulo Santos says:

            If the decoder is set to auto i cant see the buffering progress in info bar.
            I have to switch to hardware to see that.
            Think 3 is a good value

          • nikman says:

            Try Hardware, Software and HW+ decoder.

  2. JLCS says:

    Porfavor necesito ayuda. De pronto me ocurre que al usar la app va consumiendo poco a poco cada vez más almacenamiento (ROM) de mi dispositivo Xiaomi Mi Box hasta agotar la capacidad de éste y me aparece un mensaje de almacenamiento insuficiente. He probado a actualizar a la última versión pero ocurre lo mismo. Llega a almacenar más de 3Gb incluso… Gracias espero llegar a la solución pues es la mejor app iptv que he probado, tiene todo lo que se puede esperar.

    • nikman says:

      Is this memory consumption happening during playback?
      Try to select different decoder.

      • JLCS says:

        Sí. Al cabo de X tiempo de estar reproduciendo salta un mensaje de “falta de espacio” de almacenamiento. Me dirijo a ajustes- apps-perfect Player y en el apartado “storage usted” marca incluso más de 3 GB de almacenamiento. Esto ha ocurrido desde hace poco tiempo sin cambiar nada de la configuración tanto con la versión 1.4.4 como la 1.4.5. Llevo tiempo usando Perfect Player y al principio no me pasaba esto. El tipo de decodificador siempre ha estado en AUTO y en la reproducción siempre utiliza HW. De los demás sólo funciona SW pero la reproducción no va fluida. Es muy raro todo esto ya que en el smartphone no me pasa…
        Gracias por su atención. Espero que tenga solución. Me fastidia bastante ahora que había dado con una app para Iptv genial. Un saludo.

  3. Jesse says:

    I sent the error log report. My PP keeps crashing. I bring up the guide and the app force closes. I can even use it. Not sure what happened, this has never happened.

    • nikman says:

      Have you updated to version?
      This still can be unavailable on Google Play, but you can update from APK.

  4. Kenwyn says:

    Its not installing on firestick

  5. SmirnoffIce says:

    what is the best Buffer size setting? my TVbox have 1 GB Ram …
    Thank you for the best application for IPTV !!!!

    • nikman says:

      You can use bigger buffer size settings for unstable streams to use “Pause” state to fill buffer in advance.

  6. kralj says:

    When is new verzion coming to Amazon store?

  7. Gabe says:

    This version has a bug. Plays my streams fine for maybe a minute then black screen but still get audio and then about a minute later the audio also stops.

  8. unknown says:

    any explanation about cache buffer 1 ; 2; 3 and 4? what is the difference between them and what does they mean those number in term of buffering because none of them seem to fix the issue of endless loading during playing (it lasts 1 or seconde but it is annoying)

    • stevefxp says:

      You might want to see if your provider can support HLS instead of TS. Seems to fix alot of the buffering issues.

  9. Taner says:

    Do you have a plan for playing regex streams with a plugin on perfect player? Because I dont want use Kodi, Perfect Player is working amazing.

  10. Qual é a funcionalidade do User-Agent?

  11. Serge R says:

    I cant get the app to show up in my recent apps nor actual apps on fire tv. i have to go thru settings >applications > managed installed to launch. suggestions?

    • Firestick steve says:

      Try this:- go to home page, press and hold home button, select apps on menu, highlight app to be moved, press options button, select move and move it to where you want with the left/right/up/down key. Best of luck.

  12. kralj says:

    16 days still no update on Amazon appstore 🙁

  13. kralj says:

    25 days days still no update on Amazon appstore ,I’m a little disappointed 🙁

  14. gl49er says:

    I installed the latest version because I wanted to update, so I purchased it and this version is very buggy on my nvidea shield. The older version works better, this one buffers a lot and has skipping issues any suggestions really disappointed I’ve paid twice for this. One on amazon ( that never updates) and now on google play becuse the shield.

    • nikman says:

      You can install older version. However, you’d need to uninstall a newer version first.

      • kralj says:

        Amazon stor is very bad . over 1 month no update .
        when we can expect any update 1.4.5 or 1.4.6

  15. tatoo404 says:

    It should be possible to update the download link (Download as APK: PerfectPlayer- on page ?

    It is redirected on apk version 1.4.6, instead of

    Thanks, for that, and also for this great application !

  16. Andrae says:

    What if I cant pull up perfect player at all to download on my firestick?

      • Jesse says:

        I have the paid version on Amazon. If I sideload the updates, am I losing those features?

        • nikman says:

          I’m affraid so. I guess, you could request a refund from Amazon.

          Anyway, we are going to add some new “Full version” features in upcoming versions for Amazon Fire TV users for free.

          • Jesse says:

            I appreciate that. I really like the ‘last channel’ feature and don’t want to lose that. It’s disappointing to hear amazon is doing this. It’s such a great app.

  17. neil says:

    Not possible to get on to the Firestick anymore Zero Help online either.

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