Perfect Player 1.4.6 beta4

Change log v1.4.6b4:

  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.6b3:

  • Added TV Series support for the Xtream-Codes v2.9+
    Go to “Select source” window from main menu to select “Series” item
    (feedback is welcome)
  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.6b2:

  • Added the ability to start Perfect Player app on TV from Perfect Cast on smartphone
  • Sony Bravia TV Android 7.0+: fixed numeric keys (0..9) handling
  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.6b1:

  • Added new “Emerald” theme
  • Added AFR (Auto Frame Rate) feature to change display frame rate to match video content (Hardware, Software, HW+)
  • Nvidia Shield TV: fixed “the crashing issue”
  • Nvidia Shield TV: fixed startup flashing/flickering issue
  • Sony Bravia TV Android 7.0+: fixed “Prog+”/”Prog-” keys handling
  • Added support of ${offset} variable in catchup-source tag
  • Other fixes and improvements
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63 Responses to Perfect Player 1.4.6 beta4

  1. says:

    couldn’t find the new theme

  2. Dap says:

    There is no emerlad theme tried many times even uninstall and reinstall but no luck

  3. paul anthony says:

    Mine doesn’t have a update option

  4. Bob says:

    Can you add channel scanning?

  5. Serge R says:

    Is there a way to remove ads if im upgrading from a paid amazon version (1.4.4) w the beta or the 1.4.5. its runs a whole lot smoother and faster and who knows when amazon will approve the update

  6. Jeffrey F Cristobal says:

    Omg !your the best! Been crashing on my shield like crazy! Thank u for this

  7. Jeffrey F Cristobal says:

    How can I purchase the full version ?

    • nikman says:

      You can get Full version in the latest release version from Goolge Play and then update it to Beta from APK.
      Or wait for the final release in Google Play.

  8. Dad61 says:

    How do you update from the paid apk? I find no place to update it

  9. Mehdi Msaddar says:

    You need one thing in this app to fix the scrolling we must wait till the channel load to go to the next channel

  10. Alex Weber says:

    Could be possible to get a custom background/wallpaper option? Also a transparencey setting for channel list and channel info would be great..keep up the good work 😉

  11. luis simao says:

    The Emerald theme is nice. Continue the good work.

  12. Simone Gold says:

    What are some of the “Fixes”?

  13. jhon says:


  14. Kamran says:

    AFR option not workwork

    • nikman says:

      Could you give more details?

      • jhon says:

        i have problem in your app i have ANDROID TV my iptv service supports all channels HW+ decoder so i selected setting playback HW+ decoder when i change channel no 1 to channel no 2 it starts lag and plays channel no 2 so please fix this problem in future update

        • nikman says:

          You should try to select different decoders to find the most suitable for your specific configuration.

      • Kamran says:

        When I click the AFR option is unselected all the time i can’t select the option

  15. jhon says:

    sorry its starts to lag

  16. jhon says:

    hey nikman please can you give your email because i want to share video about this problem in your app so its easy for you to understand

  17. jhon says:

    nikman i send a video check your email

  18. miracle says:

    hello nikman, i just bought foxtel now box , i cant play no. of links that i use to play on my old android box. links are working. i tried with different decoder settings. any suggestion. thanks

  19. jhon says:

    he nikman i send test.m3u in your email please check

  20. My EPG is perfect but everything I try in catchup is an hour behind what i want to be watching. on official release and on beta2.

  21. jhon says:


    • nikman says:

      Don’t have such stuck issue on your streams using Native, Hardware and Software decoders.
      Probably, there are some issues with your custom device firmware. It is recommended to use latest official firmware.
      Try it on other devices.

  22. jhon says:


  23. I Want to know If there is a way to Record the online channels like a pvr/DVR on pendrive ir HDD???

  24. Nikman, can you add option to check or update new versions automatical? On Android boxes i always need to do this manually to my clients… Its boring

  25. Jeffrey F Cristobal says:

    Is there a way to hide “all channels” section?

  26. mgc says:

    tried the latest beta version. love the new emerald theme, good work. Couple of points on channel selection(emerald theme) the channel tv logo is too far left. Also with the beta version some epg on at least 40% of my channels went missing? This was corrected when i reverted back to the older version. Might be an idea to have an option on transparency as your current themes sky, velvet etc are actually very good, just a bit too transparent.

  27. johal321 says:

    Hello nikman, PP doesn’t use HW+ decoder when i use auto mode. Means with auto mode it doesn’t play link, but with using HW+ manual it plays same link.

  28. Jesse says:

    Hello. Was wondering if you had a timeline in the new 1.4.6 for Android? Not rushing, just curious.

  29. Albay66 says:

    Hello nikman.
    I have a favor to ask you. I don’t know.
    M3U list instead of adding one by one.
    enables or disables the topic lock option for a channel.
    can you update for this?
    for example, I want to add one channel
    so I can add individual channels thanks for the reply in advance.

  30. Damir says:

    hi. the series option is ok… but can you add so that lines from xtreme codes are automaticly sorted to live,vod and series? thanks

  31. goga-ru says:

    Added support of ${offset} variable in catchup-source tag Это что поясните? что конкретно выдаёт этот параметер, какое время или время чего.

    • nikman says:

      Эта переменная заменяется на количество секунд между текущим временем и временем начала передачи в архиве.

  32. Tig says:

    Hi Nikman

    when will updates after 1.4.4 for amazon devices be available?

    keep up the great work.

  33. Hey Nikman, is there a chance that we could see a manual Group arranging option in the near future. I’m hoping for something like the Channel arranging we can do with Channel Maintenance mode, perhaps?

    Thanks again for you amazing products!
    -Very happy paid customer

  34. lixiaoyao says:

    Hello nikman! The perfect player is great! Recently playing php format link can not play, whether you can add play php link format! This is dynamic m3u8 with php proxy! Example

  35. Steve says:

    Still would like to see the feature with the mi boxes using Hardware acceleration natively enable the custom buffer size. 🙁

  36. Mark says:

    I guess this explains my buffer issue of the last couple of days!

  37. Vinicius says:

    How can I hide the “all channels” list?

    • nikman says:

      No such option. You should try to set “Settings->GUI->Show channels groups as folders” checkbox – use “Left” keypress to select groups.

    • Jeffrey F Cristobal says:

      I know. I wish we could hide the all channels list also. No purpose of having it.

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