Perfect Player 1.4.6 beta4

Change log v1.4.6b4:

  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.6b3:

  • Added TV Series support for the Xtream-Codes v2.9+
    Go to “Select source” window from main menu to select “Series” item
    (feedback is welcome)
  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.6b2:

  • Added the ability to start Perfect Player app on TV from Perfect Cast on smartphone
  • Sony Bravia TV Android 7.0+: fixed numeric keys (0..9) handling
  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.6b1:

  • Added new “Emerald” theme
  • Added AFR (Auto Frame Rate) feature to change display frame rate to match video content (Hardware, Software, HW+)
  • Nvidia Shield TV: fixed “the crashing issue”
  • Nvidia Shield TV: fixed startup flashing/flickering issue
  • Sony Bravia TV Android 7.0+: fixed “Prog+”/”Prog-” keys handling
  • Added support of ${offset} variable in catchup-source tag
  • Other fixes and improvements
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63 Responses to Perfect Player 1.4.6 beta4

  1. says:

    couldn’t find the new theme

  2. Dap says:

    There is no emerlad theme tried many times even uninstall and reinstall but no luck

  3. paul anthony says:

    Mine doesn’t have a update option