Perfect Player 1.4.6 released


Change log v1.4.6:

  • Added new “Emerald” theme
  • Added the ability to start Perfect Player app on TV from Perfect Cast on smartphone
  • Added TV Series support for the Xtream-Codes v2.9+
    Go to “Select source” window from main menu to select “Series” item
  • Added AFR (Auto Frame Rate) feature to change display frame rate to match video content (Hardware, Software, HW+)
  • Nvidia Shield TV: fixed “the crashing issue” and startup flashing/flickering issue
  • Sony Bravia TV Android 7.0+: fixed “Prog+”/”Prog-” and numeric (“0”..”9″) keys handling
  • Added support of ${offset} variable in catchup-source tag
  • Other fixes and improvements
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38 Responses to Perfect Player 1.4.6 released

  1. Jesse says:

    Sounds awesome man. Does this mean it’s in the google store and will auto update?

  2. gl49er says:

    Just got it and it updated on my shield great work seems stable now. That AFR feature is huge great work

  3. Devon Pack says:

    What about on Fire TV boxes/sticks, how do we update? I paid to unlock and hide ads. Afraid if I deleted and push the apk to install I will lose that and start seeing ads at bottom again. Thanks!

    • nikman says:

      You can always install the app from Amazon appstore again and this will work in Full version mode running under your account.
      We are also keep trying to update the app on Amazon appstore.

      • TheFivePack says:

        Yeah unfortunately the appstore has the old version. I emailed them this morning asking when they will update it.

  4. BicBasher says:

    Will we be getting 1.4.6 on Amazon Fire TV? We still have 1.4.4 in the appstore and I’ve had to sideload the ad funded version to keep up to date.

    • TheFivePack says:

      Curious about AFR. 1. How does it work (does it notice choppy video and switch decoder?)? 2. Is that just for Nvidia Shield/Android boxes or will it work on Fire TV/Sticks too? Thanks man!

      • nikman says:

        AFR changes TV display refresh rate to fit video’s frame rate. This option requires Android 6.0+ and must be supported by the device itself.

        • Firestick tv is android 5.1 based. There is no way to implemented in the future the AFR? i sideloaded the app but the AFR is gray and i can’t select unfortunately.
          Anyway thanks for your job!

        • BicBasher says:

          That would explain why AFR doesn’t work on the Fire TV2 as the Fire OS is based on Lollipop.

  5. Allan says:

    How do I update on Sony bravia android TV please 👍

  6. Allan McDonald says:

    Managed to update easily thank you.
    Can you explain what AFR actually does please , when viewing one particular channel I have slight skip using my Sony bravia android TV ,. I’m guessing said channel uses a slightly different output or frame rate etc and hoping this may fix it, thank you.
    Love PP

  7. kara says:

    thanx and we are waiting for fire stick tv 🙂

  8. Jeffrey F Cristobal says:

    On playback buffer size.. .it’s better for the buffer line to be big or small on buffer size 1,, the line fills up quicker and 4 it fills up less not as fast Which one is recommended?

    • nikman says:

      You should try all available settings to find the most suitable for your specific needs and configuration.
      Default 1 value should be sufficient for the most cases.

  9. Refael says:

    Why plugin support not available?????

  10. john says:

    can you make me custom version perfect player emberland theme with red colour not blue

  11. john says:

    send ime modified apk with red colour in Emerald not blue to my email

  12. martincm82 says:

    I am experiencing some odd missing functionality on the AndroidTV version. I cannot select any different audio channels or subtitles on multi VOD. I can do this on the regular android version though, but unsure if there’s a difference in version. Is anyone experiencing this as well ?

    • nikman says:

      It is due to different device rather then Android OS version. Try to select different decoder.

      • says:

        Hey nikmam what do you suggest for settings? On a shield after the upgrade it periodically freezes or pauses I set the buffer at 4 and turned off auto frame- and onthe actuall channel set it to hardware + on the -and on the main menus set it as well but sometimes the individual channel still shows default? Is it safe to assume that every channel I watch must be individually setti hardware +? Thanks

  13. Bliz says:

    HI, do you have in mind to da the “pass through” option for the audio? Thank you.

  14. James says:

    I have 1.4.6 on Nvidia Shield. It looks great and I like the emerald theme, however when scrolling right through live tv channels groups perfect player crashes and closes. This didn’t happen in the last version. I have HW+ selected but haven’t selected anything else. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

    • nikman says:

      Could you send configuration files that we could reproduce the issue?

      • Will James says:

        Can I do that through the app?

        • nikman says:

          You can use Settings->Defaults->Backup settings to make complete settings backup file.

          • Will James says:

            Hi again, just wanted to let you know I decided to reset everything to default setting, reinput my details and introduced each of my previous settings one at a time, in the end all settings were tested and everything is working normally, the only setting I didn’t redo was decoder, I left that as default. Thanks for the Great app

  15. Senad says:

    I have paid version but no update for more than one month on Amazon App stor
    vi dont have 1.4.5 version no 1.4.6 we’re stuck on 1.4.4 🙁

    • Will Pack says:

      Same here. I had to delete my paid version and sideload 1.4.6 which brought back the ads. Stinks. I tried emailing Amazon but they don’t respond.

    • nikman says:

      As for now, you can only update the app version from APK. Otherwise, please, contact Amazon.
      However, you can always back to a version from Amazon appstore – this will keep full version.

      • Will Pack says:

        What do you mean? If I install APK I lose full version and ads come back. Only way to eliminate them is to go back to 1.4.4. Thanks!

  16. Senad says:

    when we can expect Amazon update to new version?

  17. Zac says:

    Hi, i have problem whit epg.. last week, in my x92 box, i can t see epg.. i have tryed different epg link and i have reinstalled perfect player 3 times.. but epg not working. The same epg lunk work with other program.. any idea for epg in italy playlist?

  18. Winnter says:

    Thanks so much for adding AFR. Works great on the shield now. 😊👍

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