Perfect Player released

Change log v1.4.7.3:

Change log v1.4.7.2:

  • Improved channel playback resume when device powered on after standby
    Note: “Play last channel at startup” option is the “Full version” feature
  • Bug fixes

Change log v1.4.7.1:

  • Fixed possible crash on Android 8 devices
  • Added “Red” key handling (acts as “Menu”)
  • Other fixes

Change log v1.4.7:

  • Improved decoders (Native and HW+)
  • Added option to change theme “Transparency” (Full version feature)
  • Other fixes and improvements
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77 Responses to Perfect Player released

  1. Jesse says:

    Nice update. What is the AFR? What’s the difference if it is checked or unchecked? Also, when I use HW+ now, it plays for less than a second and then stops and goes to red circle. Hardware works well, I’m just curious as to what changed.

    • nikman says:

      When AFR (Auto Frame Rate) is checked, the app will try to switch TV’s refresh rate to fit video’s frame rate, theoretically, to get the most flawless playback.

      • markosjal says:

        My x96Mini does this already without the AFR option in 1.4.5. it is in the Droid Settings there and it works. The TV displays the new frame rate.

  2. Marco says:

    When release update for for Amazon store?

    • nikman says:

      As was said before, it’s only depends on Amazon (unfortunately!).
      You could install it on Fire TV devices from APK for a while.

      • BRiTiSH says:

        If you update your app with new features, you can simply update your existing, published app in the Amazon Appstore, rather than creating a new one.

        Update a Published App
        Sign in to the Developer Portal.

        From the Dashboard (the default homepage), scroll down to the Dashboard section to see a list of apps that you have created. Click the app you want to update.

        Near the top of the page, in the area below the name of your app, click Add Upcoming Version. A confirmation message appears — click OK to proceed.

        The portal creates a new set of metadata tabs for you. The General Information, Availability & Pricing, Description, Images & Multimedia, and Content Rating tabs are marked with green checks mark to indicate that the required fields have been pre-filled with the information associated with the live version your app. If necessary, you may edit the information on those tabs.

        Fill out the fields of the Binary File(s) tab. The information needed is the same as if you were submitting a new app. See Step 7: Add App Files for more details. For information on submitting multiple APKs for the same application listing, see Multiple APKs for the Same Application Listing.
        Important: In order for your app to update properly for existing users, the value of android:versionCode in your app’s manifest must be greater than that of the currently live version of your app.
        When you are ready, click Save. Amazon will check all fields on the tab to confirm that the required fields are complete. If so, a green check mark will appear on the Binary File(s) tab to indicate that you can continue to the the next tab.

        Click the Release Notes tab. A set of release notes is required for each translation defined on the Description tab.

        Click Edit and add your release notes to the Release Notes text box. If you have more than one translation, click Save and Continue to go to the next language. Otherwise, click Save.

        When you click Save, Amazon checks all fields on the tab to confirm that the required fields are complete. If so, a green check mark will appear on the Release Notes tab. If all of the tabs have green check marks, you are ready to submit the updated version of your app.

        All tabs for your app should now have green check marks, and the Submit App button should be enabled. You can change the information on any tab until you submit your app.

        When you are ready, click Submit App.

  3. SIDNEI says:

    Boa tarde , desculpe pela pergunta mas qual a diferença entre esse aplicativo versão free e a versão paga ??

  4. ZeroGravity says:

    A common problem I face with all versions of Perfect Player is with EPG (when view mode is set to List). On some of the channels the program names are written one top of another (basically overlaying) and as a result it’s jibberish & not readable. My IPTV provider reassured it’s not an issue from their end. Hopefully in the upcoming updates Niklabs release a fix for this.

  5. markosjal says:

    Does this fix playback buffering with 1.4.6?

  6. mike says:

    Hi will the message about asking are you ok about using data to tailor ads etc be a one of in 1.4.7,as i have a bit of a strange thing happening on my phillips android tv,when loading perfect player the message loads and it gets stuck in the yellowish highlighted bar on “Learn how out partners/perfect player collect and use data”—-and i can not move up/down,left/right to accept any of the three choices to ok it etc,after trying for 3 hours/turning tv off,clearing cache,force stoping etc to get one of the choices and having no luck,i found a roundabout way of getting to my iptv and that was to connect to my iptv on perfect player before my internet [wi-fi] connected and i then did not get the message or 3 choices-Everything is normal on fire tv and firesticks and you can choose a pick as normal,but not my android tv for some odd reason

    • nikman says:

      Have you finally found the way to accept the choise on your Philips Android TV? How about to connect a mouse just to confirm your selection once?

      • mike says:

        Fantastic mate,the mouse to confirm my selection has worked,but without that,it was stuck still,thanks for your help as never even thought of connecting a mouse to my android tv-its the most simple things that stare you in the face-great Job on the app as its excellent

  7. BRiTiSH says:

    As Amazon are not updating the version in the store – can you have a different activation method PLEASE!

  8. tin says:

    Please help me understand. When using a kodi app in windows it plays a stream ok. If i look in the Kodi log and copy the URL of the stream into my playlist in pastebin – the same link doesn’t work in Perfect player in android. Could it be that it is a https stream or something else ? Thank you for your answer

    • Bubbler says:

      change your decoder from default “AUTO” to any of the others available and test each

  9. Sandra says:

    Is this version available on Amazon fire?

  10. Josh says:

    any reason why this doesn’t install on fire sticks and 1st gen fire tv?

    • nikman says:

      It is not possible to update the app version fron APK upon the one installed from Amazon appstore. You should remove old version before.

      You can use Settings->Defaults->Backup/Restore settings to transfer app settings among versions.

  11. abv says:

    dvb subtitle support in a future?

  12. Nelson Chan says:

    Am from Malaysia. Asking if am using handphone Viva V9. Does it wirk ????neil.nelson.

  13. tboon says:

    Very, very good job !!!! many th’x my bro for your works (y) Big Up for Perfect Player 1.4.7 !!!

  14. daan4suzDaan says:

    Love this. Would be great to see a indicator on the channels with catchup enabled

  15. dear nikman,
    Is there any buffer control (caching) in option menu ?
    if not please add caching option ( as miliseconds).

  16. Steve H says:

    I’ve just updated my firestick to version 1.4.7 by following instructions on by down loading to an android phone from the Play Store version 1.4.7 and side loading it to the firestick with an app called Apps2fire. It was quite easy and works fine. Delete old version and disconnect VPN if you have one before starting.

  17. Boris says:

    There is one big problem with installing apps on Android box and Android TV.
    You can not select any options to continue the installation on the home screen
    This is a problem with all devices that use the remote control
    Thank you

    • nikman says:

      Looks like some devices are affected by the issue. However, you can temporarily connect a mouse to the device once just to make a selection.

      Could you inform which devices was affected in your tests? Thanks!

      • Boris says:

        Thanks for the quick answer.
        I’m sure the devices are not concerned, because many users are coming to have a problem with selecting “Yes” on the home screen, with respect to the advertisement. It is more androig box type, with Amlogic and RK processors like Sony and Philips Android TV.
        Simply, no buttons can be selected in the open window, but the mouse must be used.
        Thank you

        • nikman says:

          We’ll try to fix it.
          Meanwhile, please, use a mouse or air-mouse to make a selection.

          • Boris says:

            Thank you very much, you are really professional 🙂
            Just keep doing this because you are the best.
            Thank you

  18. mark says:

    hello, can you add support for inbuilt tv tuner dvr, like live channels app in play store. So it can scan and add free to air channels in channel list as well to use on android tv’s. thanks

  19. the best says:

    best player, thx.

  20. thewragg says:

    Hi, I have problems with every radio station streamed from xtream codes panel. I‘ve already tried every decoder and the problem is always there: stream stops every 5-10 second for a second and than continues to play.
    It doesn’t happen with smart iptv or any other iptv player. What am I doing wrong?

  21. Rafael says:

    Continue the problem of the playstore in nvidia shield, do not want to update the application

    • nikman says:

      What do you mean?

      • Rafael says:

        I have the application installed on the nvidia shield and every time an update of the playstore appears it does not let update, I have to install the update with the usb drive

        • nikman says:

          Try to uninstall and then install the app from Google Play store.
          You can use Settings->Advanced->Backup/Restore settings options to transfer all the app settings.

  22. sjweemie says:

    I have perfect player installed on my sony bravia 55″4kuhd android tv. last week i had no issues playing tv channels. this week i got a new iptv subscription.

    i make my own custom M3U file with Xtream editor. I then enter the m3u url that i get from xtream editor into PP. All channels and Epg load nicely, when i select a channel to watch the playback start immediately, no problems here. But as soon as i want to switch to another channel PP doesnt load the channels anymore ( a red circel). i need to close the app or restart the TV, then open the app and go to the channel ik want to watch. this loads and i can watch until i want to switch channels.

    I have the latest version of PP and my tv runs android 7.0

    i tried changing the decoder threw all the options given but no succes.

  23. Lori Adams says:

    I’ve used perfect player for over a year and I have yet to figure out how to merge channels from one folder to another. Are there instructions anywhere?

    • nikman says:

      You can use Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode to move individual channels into new or already existing groups.

      • Lori Adams says:

        Thanks for responding, but I know how to change to group management, but when I’m on the screen and it says add new channels to folder, I don’t know the actual steps as to what I should choose first and then how to you move it over. I’ve tried several things and nothing happens. So I want to know step by step what to select.

        • Steve says:

          Maybe I can help. Go into settings/advanced/group management mode and check that box and back out to main screen which should now show the group folders on right side. Depending on your iptv service m3u layout, go to all channel in top left using the arrows. Select the the channel you wish by moving left directional key. Once channel is highlighted and folder selected hit the select (middle direction button on remote). Check to make sure channel has been moved to the folder you selected. If there then you did it correctly. If you wish to create a folder you can do so if you wish. I have done both ways just to learn the app. Hope this helps.

  24. Lori Adams says:

    Thanks I will try!!!

  25. Nicholas says:

    I like the new release,but now I can’t get audio on my Perfect Player on my Android Box. I get audio fine on my Firestick. Any reasons why the audio is not working? Thanks

  26. Steve says:

    Some things I have noticed in and If set manually to hardware I get slight pixelation. Manually set to software decoder and I have a grainy picture. Native seems to work best but no buffer available even though my mi box 3 has hardware acceleration natively. If I set to the decoder to auto it will play hardware but with no pixelation. Seems the decoders have some issues between and So what works for me is either auto or native but even though it says hw with auto turned on I have no buffer control so I dont like that myself. Just letting you know have experienced with the last update. This isnt my service but the player. I went back to until decoders can be resolved. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this great player. I will wait for next update and see how it goes.

  27. Steve says:

    Also just seen on tsn3 if on auto even though it says hw on the progress bar window at bottom, the picture shows with sound. If I choose any other decoder, even hw which is what auto sets it to automatically, I get no picture just sound. Like I said earlier, the decoders in has some issues. Not complaining just letting you know of the issues I have seen thus far.

  28. Steve says:

    This is more of a request but I noticed if changing the decoder from settings/playback/ you need a restart but app does not prompt for one. If only changing via context menu for specific channel a restart is not needed of course.

  29. albay66 says:

    hi nikman
    first of all, thank you for the program.
    what I want to know is what I can do to watch 4K broadcasts.
    I think it wants codec h265
    I know my English is bad. 🙂
    thank in advance

    • nikman says:

      Your device should support h265 hardware decoding. Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.

  30. Jay says:

    I started using perfect cast to cast perfect player to my chromecast. It did work at first. Now the stream loads at first but doesn’t play. Any ideas on how to fix this? I love how you can use this app to stream to a chromecast. Please help

  31. kralj3gs says:

    What’s happening , there are no more applications on Amzon appstor It does not exist.?

  32. if you need translation to portuguese, let me know.

  33. Aaron Lopez says:

    How an i able to download it from firestick? Not letting me download

  34. Chino says:

    Can you please provide how we can download the apk from ES explorer or the downloader since Perfect Player is no longer available at the Amazon App Store

  35. iandmac says:

    My playlist won’t load when i click on the app on firsestick, been using the app for the last 18 months now not working….Any solutions?

    • nikman says:

      Make sure that your playlist is working (IPTV account is active). Contact your IPTV provider.

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