Perfect Player released


Change log v1.4.8.1:

  • Added “Preview” option in channels list context menu
    Show currently playing channel preview and additional EPG info in all view modes
    (Full version feature)
  • Bugfixes

Download as APK: PerfectPlayer-

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15 Responses to Perfect Player released

  1. Hi, bought the app because it claims to have a “Preview” option like the screenshot above. However, in order to “Preview” any channel from that guide, I have to actually tune to it first.

    I’m confused by why it’s called “Preview” if you cannot actually preview the channel before you tune to it. My understanding is that “Preview” means you can view the channel before you actually tune to it. Much like the “Preview” feature that you would find in the STB emulator android app, ProgTV android app, and many others do.

    Would you be so kind to clarify this confusion with the term “Preview” since it appears to be misleading? Thanks!

    • nikman says:

      Please, read the change log carefully:
      “Added “Preview” option … Show playing channel preview…”.
      Probably, we should modify the description to:
      “Show currently playing channel preview”

      This is more like another view mode option, to be able to see both extended EPG data (programme category and description) in all view modes and also what’s on air now.
      This is a new function and probably it could be modified in the future.

  2. Robert Frost says:

    Latest version on the shield – long press on the middle button no longer opens the menu. Just reloads the current channel. Have I done something silly?

    • nikman says:

      Sometimes the issue happens with the Nvidia Shield’s remote control. Pressing several times (maybe harder) and it works again.
      However, this never happens when using game-pad, keyboard, mouse, etc.
      Looks like, the RC’s issue – the reason is low battery, contact bounce, firmware, hardware … don’t know yet.

  3. Derrick Robinson says:

    I’m interested in the preview option but was unable to view it. Do you need the pro version? If not I could use some guidance. Thanks

  4. Luca Stellet says:

    Hi! I update my perfect player on Mibox and almost all the times he crash and back to home screen. The android version is Oreo. Cansei you help me?

    • nikman says:

      Initial Oreo firmware update on Xiaomi Mi Box 3 is known to be buggy. You should check for the latest firmware updates.
      Also, try to select different decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.
      If you can provide us the streams and reproduction steps, please, send us an email.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Ferreira says:

    Tem que adicionar o suporte ao 4k no app.

    • nikman says:

      Your device must support it. Try to select different Decoder in Settings->playback->Decoder.

      • Ferreira says:

        Ola tudo bom ? Na próxima atualização você pode adicionar mais um tema e adicionar uma função melhor para o carregamento dos canais e algumas outras melhorias.

  6. Rogan says:

    Do I have to purchase this for each box I use it on? Or does one purchase cover my 3 android boxes?

    • Don says:


      Based on anything else that I have purchased from Google Play, as long as all your devices are registered to the same google acct. it should end up being a 1 time buy. Not sure why it would be any different for this program.

    • nikman says:

      The app will work in “Full version” mode on all of your Android devices running under your Google Play account.

  7. Timpotte says:

    I consider myself a power user on two TVs and not a lick of issues. Previoys beta had a bug that caused thr guide to stutter however fixed and works very seamless.

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