Perfect Player beta1

Change log v1.4.9.1b1:

  • Added more options to access voice channel search (Full version feature)
    • Long “Right” key press during playback
    • “Search” key press
  • Improved “Catchup” compatibility
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16 Responses to Perfect Player beta1

  1. Garry says:

    excellent, any plans of integrating openvpn into app ? would be an excellent additon so users can switch vpn on/off from inside app

  2. JD says:

    I got a problem where the EPG doesn’t populate on this or any other version when using the new fire stick 4k. I know how to use perfect player as it works fine on lots of other fire TV devices I have. I suspect it’s a permissions problem as in permissions the storage permissions are set to Deny. If I try to change it to allow it just beeps and doesn’t change . Anybody else seeing this problem? I tried restarting and uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing cache/data as well, nothing seems to work for me though.

    • nikman says:

      Make sure that EPG data is up-to-date on the server. Also, use Settings->Advanced->EPG assign mode to see and link EPG data to channels.
      FAQ: EPG data stopped showing after several days (Android)

      • JD says:

        EPG data is from Vaders, and it works fine on PP in other devices. Assign mode just turns the channel names red but noyhing to assign. If I force an EPG download nothing downloads, it’s says “Playlist downloaded (1027), EPG Downloaded” whereas in my other fire devices it always downloads the EPG and displays the number of entries downloaded. The EPG is set to download at each update and I’ve tried all the other settings too. The EPG URL is:
        I’ve also tried with gz
        I have PP on at least 4 different fire devices so I know how to set it up. Something is different on the newer fire stick 4k. I’m sure storage permissions set to deny isn’t correct. Most other APKs come up with a prompt on first run to approve permissions, but PP didn’t give that propmt. I tried deleting cache and data to force it to prompt for permission but no luck.

        • JD says:

          I managed to resolve the permissions problem, when adding an EPG clicking the folder icon next to the URL forces the permissions prompt and it’s possible to set storage permissions to allow. However this didn’t resolve my problem, I still can’t download EPG.

        • nikman says:

          You need to set links between playlist channel names and EPG channel names when in “EPG assign mode” – “red” channel names will turn to “white” then.

          • JD says:

            I can see the playlist channel names, they are red, but there are no EPG channel names to assign to. I have view EPG set to on, but there’s nothing there. I can only navigate up and down through the channel names with left and right buttons, tried every button on the remote and can’t see any way to set any links. Also I never had to use this EPG assign mode on any other fire/android device using the same EPG and M3U from vaders.

          • nikman says:

            I don’t see any issues with this EPG links. Also, the issue should not depends on the device.
            Make sure you select “Show EPG” item in channels list context menu to see EPG channels in “EPG assign mode”.
            Could you send some screenshots to email?

          • JD says:

            Yes I selected “Show EPG” but still its not possible to assign anything. I also sent the screenshots to your email.

    • Ski says:

      Should be working now. Vader was working on their EPG link.

  3. Ski says:

    Hi is it possible to have a clock when the guide is activated or when the info bar is active? Keeping the clock on screen at all times is quiet annoying. So if we can have this option it would be great.

  4. Ski says:

    Is it possible to perform voice search on Amazon Firesticks? Not sure if am doing something wrong but it’s not working for me.

    • nikman says:

      Not available currently. Unless, you are able to install Google Play on your device.

  5. Larry Pausal says:

    JD. I had the same problem. Try this m3u list:

    Small.changes but effective. Also, now we have to assign EPG on all the channels. A lot of the EPG listings are incorrect.
    Good luck!

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