Perfect Player released

Change log v1.4.9.1b1:

  • Added more options to access voice channel search (Full version feature):
    • Long “Right” key press during playback
    • “Search” key press
  • Improved “Catchup” compatibility
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20 Responses to Perfect Player released

  1. John says:

    Hi i sent a email a while ago to add the feature for adding custom backgrounds is that feature in this version and thanks

  2. Fiaz says:

    Channel not update and not show plz tel me how is this work

  3. hardtime says:

    nikman, I understand how to add epg and I’m not having issues however a lot of people are with a certain IPTV with the new update. it will only load about 300 channels.I have found amazon devices effected and anything older then android 6 and below the epg will not work!

  4. Echo says:

    How the catchup works? I don’t see the option nowhere

  5. Ronald M Corbin says:

    Today, all my favorites have disappeared and I don’t event see the show favorites listed. Also all US channels are gone!

    • nikman says:

      This could be some issues on server side (IPTV provider).
      You should use Settings->Defaults->Backup settings to save your current settings, to be able to restore them at any time.

  6. Abby Alden says:

    Just installed Perfect Player released by side load on Amazon Fire TV Gen 3, all seems to be working ok and like the app but I have the annoying apps and I can’t seem to upgrade to the Full Version. When I click upgrade to full version, noting happens.

  7. Ronald M Corbin says:

    I have a Fire Tv stick and the Perfect Player tile/icon/button is not displayed on the Amazon home page. I have select settings, managed apps to launch Perfect Player. Is there a way to fix this?

  8. Ronald M Corbin says:

    Perfect Player keeps disconnecting. I click on the icon, it loads, shows channels, I select one, it plays for 15 seconds or so and disconnects. I then click on it again, and it just keeps doing this.

    • nikman says:

      – Use more stable streams (channels)
      – Try to select different decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder
      FAQ: I have frequent buffering during playback

      • Ronald M Corbin says:

        Thanks for the reply. I think the issue was I was using 1.5.0, but the m3u or epg settings for an older version. Since I don’t know what “Catch Up” is and what it’s used for, I went back to an older version and everything works fine now! It is very helpful to have this site (even if it is often say over my understanding) to review and ask questions.

  9. Fiaz says:

    Not work in saudi arabia

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