Perfect Player 1.4.9 beta1

Change log v1.4.9b1:

  • Added voice channel search option (Full version feature)
    • “Right” key press when cursor is on “Search channel” item in channels list context menu
    • “Left” key press in “Search channel” window
    • Tap on title of “Search channel” window
    • “Green” key press
  • Added “Info bar timeout” option (Full version feature)
    Please, report if you notice the option translation errors
    Settings->GUI->Info bar timeout
  • Added “Blue” key handling (acts as “Exit”)
  • Bugfixes
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20 Responses to Perfect Player 1.4.9 beta1

  1. Craig says:

    Ok great but how can I unlock full version I paid for on fire stick please. 👍

    • nikman says:

      Looks like best solution could be to install Google Play on your device.
      Some users reported they could.

  2. Paulo says:

    Hi Nicks
    How can we join the beta test?
    The link – Available on Google Play for Beta testers – goes to normal version of the program


  3. NP says:

    What the option AFR do its a new parameter added. I have purchased PP from amazon appstore installing the beta would this affect the licenses ?

  4. NP says:

    Whats the function of AFR option

    • nikman says:

      AFR (Auto Frame Rate) – the app changes display frame rate to best fit video content.

  5. koala04 says:

    replay feature will be added in future?

  6. kemal says:

    how can I clean the cesh app,

  7. danny says:

    we need xtreme movie api!

  8. Trudel says:


  9. ma gon says:

    Hi there, I think your app is one of the best in the market.

    Are you thinking of adding an option for recording?
    it would be awesome!

  10. How can i get full paid version for android box I press unlock full version but nothing happen

    • nikman says:

      – Install the app from Goolge Play store
      – Make sure your Google Play account configured properly and you can make in-app purchases in Google Play apps

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