Perfect Player 1.4.9 released

Change log v1.4.9:

  • Added voice channel search option (Full version feature)
    • “Right” key press when cursor is on “Search channel” item in channels list context menu
    • “Left” key press in “Search channel” window
    • Tap on title of “Search channel” window
    • “Green” key press
  • Added “Info bar timeout” option (Full version feature)
  • Added “Blue” key handling (acts as “Exit”)
  • Bugfixes
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38 Responses to Perfect Player 1.4.9 released

  1. peter fraser says:

    Voice search for channels is just fantastic! Thank you so much, this app is by far the best! Now the piece de resistance, epg program search?? 😂 😂

    • Frank says:

      So, where is the voice search activated?

    • Giba says:

      Can’t make it work with mxr pro android box and air mouse with voice control. Any help?

      • nikman says:

        How exactly it does not work?

        • Giba says:

          It does nothing. I tried to follow you guide but nothing. The only way to make it work is to write down letter by letter

          • nikman says:

            – It’s the “Full version” feature
            – Make sure you have enabled RC voice control in your system settings

          • Giba says:

            I have the full version of PP and everything is activated on the box for the voice control. The remote has a specific button which i already tried to use.

          • nikman says:

            You don’t need to use special “Voice control” key on your RC. Use “Right” key press – see the guide in change log on this page.

          • Giba says:

            As I said, i already followed the guide. It doesn’t work, it does nothing, i can only digit the letter one by one

  2. NP says:

    What is the function of the proxy setting FOR PP how does the work.

  3. Josh says:

    With the latest update, I can’t seem to play Catchup TV. It was working just fine before but now it doesn’t do anything.

    • nikman says:

      Doubtly the issue could depends on the app update.
      Make sure that catchup is configured correctly and your IPTV provider keeps catchup support for the channels you are trying to access catchup.

  4. omar says:

    Hello , thank you for this release , I would like to know if it’s possible to play link that ends with /manifest
    Other player can play them.

  5. Frank says:

    I have been having an issue with the Program Guides. The EPG data goes blank. If I do a refresh, the guides do not come back.

    If I change the EPG URL to anything else and it attempts to load, but the address is incorrect.

    Then if I change the EPG URL back to the correct address and then it loads correctly.

    The Refresh does not work as expected. It should do a hard clear and then reload. This would solve the issue.

  6. Albay66 says:

    Hello nikman.
    the transmissions are starting to stop.
    there’s no problem with the publisher or the connection.
    can I find the old Update?

  7. adam williams says:

    Hi nikman,

    Would it be possible to have a function that enables users to change the order of the channel folder groups into one that is tailored towards the user, rather than the order that the supplier has setup. I know we have the facility to hide channel groups. But to change the groups into an order I like would be a game changer.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    • Nialler says:

      You just got in ahead of me mate. Was going ask the bery same question. Brilliant app.

    • Frank says:

      It’s sounds like such a simple task, but it’s not that simple. You have to understand how the M3U are created and organized. There are really no specific groups. EVERY CHANNEL has a group name in it. The channels are not necessarily in any specific order. They can be all over the place. There also are spelling and typing mistakes in many M3U’s. As the M3U’s are read in, there are a bunch of arrays that are built and then sorted into specific orders to make some sort of sense of it all.

      I guess you could make a list of groups names and the name you want it changed to. This would have to be specific for each M3U source that you use. If you wanted to move specific channels to different groups, THAT WOULD BE A LOT OF WORK ON YOUR PART. That would work, but now the bad part. The M3U lists are constantly being changed by the IPTV suppliers, so it will be ongoing battle.

      Take a look at this IPTV supplier. They allow you to select the individual channel groups you want sent in your personal M3U file.

      • adam williams says:

        No need to change the channels within the groups as they for me are in the right order. Don’t need a new provider, just some flexibility on how I sort the channel categories for an existing supplier.

        If it can be done, it would be fantastic, if it can’t be done Perfect Player is still fantastic.

  8. smirnoff65 says:

    Absolutely loving the voice search function and it is working perfect on my Nvidia Shield is there any way to get it to work with Fire TV? pressing left on remote does nothing, also is there any way to get this voice search or any search for that matter in the VOD section in future updates?

  9. Curtis says:

    Can it be used on fire stick

  10. van holsting says:

    Installed on the Fire Stick 4K but how can I get the full version?

  11. Frank says:

    We have created a number of Document for Installing and using Perfect Player. It shows all the specal keys that are available to the user. If anyone is interested, have a look.

    Perfect Player For Android –

    Perfect Player for Fire Stick and TV –

    How to Use Favorites –

  12. van holsting says:

    Thank you Frank but issues was not how to install. That I have already done on my fire tv 4K. The question is how to get the full version as the button in the menue is not working (I assume because the sofware is not available in the store). How to get now the full version with all featurese?

    Thanks for heling

  13. tedmus says:


    Updated to full version, currently on 1.4.4. using Gen2 FireTV

    Attempted to update to latest version using downloder but when I try to install it does not install?

  14. Myjellio says:

    Needs updating to work on firestick 4K

  15. Frank says:

    Will perfect player run on Android 4.0?

    • nikman says:

      Android 4.0 is supported. However, the device should provide enough performance.
      You should try, but it’s not recommended.

  16. david says:

    is there any way with the blocks by isp to input a private http proxy and port to connect thru …. like if you you was on a computer all internet would go through this private proxy ?

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