Perfect Player 1.5.1 beta5

Change log v1.5.1b5:

  • Improved “Graphite” theme performance

Change log v1.5.1b4:

  • Expanded additional EPG info window size (“Right” key press during playback)

Change log v1.5.1b3:

  • Added “Info bar position” (Top/Bottom) option for “Graphite” theme
    (Full version feature)
  • Keep current EPG shift on set/cancel programme notification
  • “Right” key press acts as “PageDown” when in groups list
  • Small fixes

Change log v1.5.1b2:

  • Added new theme “Graphite”
  • Fixes and improvements

Change log v1.5.1b1:

  • Keep up to the past 7 days on EPG update for “catchup” playback
  • Fixes and optimizations

Please, contact if you’ll find that app’s size is more than usually (more than ~1Gb) after some days of using. (System settings -> Apps -> Perfect Player IPTV -> …)

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99 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.1 beta5

  1. Rafael says:

    My private GearsTV list always worked, with the update no longer working

    • nikman says:

      – Make sure that your playlist is still working (contact your IPTV provider)
      – Try to select different Decoder in Setting->Playback->Decoder

  2. N1@ll3r says:

    Hi, every channel is displaying the archive symbol. Is there a fix? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but same issue Thanks

    • nikman says:

      Probably, you shouldn’t select “XC” playlist format, as it’s not.

      • N1@ll3r says:

        Thanks, done that, but now not showing any archive symbol, even on the channels that have such. Playlist is xc format

  3. Brian says:

    About EPG, is there a way how I can navigate on the EPG screen like moving through past, future shows on TV? I was able to do it on the windows application and android buy either touching the programme or selecting it with a mouse, but found no way on doing it while using a TV Remote. P.S. I am using Nvidia Shield

    • nikman says:

      You can use long “Left”/”Right” key presses to scroll throught the EPG.

      • Brian says:

        For some reason the Left / Right keys change the groups shown on EPG. Sorry if I did not make myself clear in the main message, but I am referring to the EPG timeline. Example: Viewing programmes for “Channel1” through the timeline 05:00 – 13:00. For demonstration I am attaching an image link with a red border to show you the part I am referring to.

        Thanks in advance.

  4. To says:

    Can you add the possibility to hide the group total channel

  5. N1@ll3r says:

    Is there a way to keep volume at its highest constantly when watching on android tv? I’d sooner use left/right buttons for other options instead of volume, but i constantly find myself having to go back to this option to increase the volume. Thanks

  6. Edser says:

    Awesome work i love this player i have been using 1.4.8 zero issues but yesterday i updated to 1.5.1. Beta and noticed a few channels were distorted so i changed setting to hw+ and the screen went black. I ussually set all to hw not hw+ so i tried all other setting the channel only worked in software and hw but the screen was distorted and alot of pixels. I decided to go back to 1.4.8 and channels work great with no distortion using hw+. Think something changed cause it works on 1.4.8 but 1.5.1 b1 some channels just give black screen when set to hw+ any advice would be great thanks. Keep up the great work.

  7. Lori Adams says:

    Great updates, are there any plans to be able to change the order of folders under group management, like you can with channel management.

    • John E says:

      AGREED! This is the most requested feature that constantly comes up – and never even even get acknowledged by Nikman. Very strange.

  8. Zelio Albernas says:

    The new update was very good, but there is a bug where it does not load all the content in XC mode.
    Observe in the images, in M3U mode the series The good doctor appears with two seasons, but in XC mode only one is listed

    M3U –
    Mode XC:

  9. Kerline says:

    Please activate recording mode.

  10. Kerline says:

    Several player have thos possibility. Please Niklabs. He mist just this option for this beautiful player. Pleasssseee

  11. Morad says:

    Which buttons to press on andriod remote control to access countries groups on 1.5.1
    On version 1.5.0 used to be play&pause button

  12. China Mobile Magic Box says:

    Why does Perfect Player IPTV not support the video hard decoding of China Mobile Magic Box M301H Haisi 3798MV300 chip. When is this software fully compatible with video hard decoding on some chip boxes?

    • nikman says:

      Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.

      • China Mobile Magic Box says:

        In “Settings” – > “Play” – > “Decoder”, the device has chosen different decoding methods and tried several times to fail to decode properly, installing other players app can decode and play normally, whether chip model 3798 mv100 is incompatible with Perfect Player app decoding. Can we solve the problem of decoder compatibility in the next new version of Perfect Player?

  13. James Mbugua says:

    Great App. Top on my desire list for future updates is to be able to manually arrange my Favourite channels

    • nikman says:

      You can manually change channels order when in Settings->Advanced->Channels management mode.

      • JimmyMbugua says:

        Explored this, but, I still would like to be able to rearrange my Favourites order by being able to move around the channels manually because as it is Channels mode Auto sorts the Channels. @Nikman, please bear with my whining of an otherwise Superb Fee App that allows me to combine my different services in one place along with their Programme guides.

        • nikman says:

          You can manually change channels order by means of “Channels management mode”. Use “Up”/”Down” keys to sort, “Left”/”Right” to change selected channel and long “Left”/”Right” to change channels group.

          • Walter says:

            Thank you! This is yet another awesome feature added along with the voice search I use ALL the time.

  14. Mezziah says:

    1st problem:
    In Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Gen 2 the EPG collapse every 4-5 Days. I have to rename the EPG URL and start it new. Then it works for another 4-5 days. Can you fix the bug?
    2nd problem:
    Some channels freeze or doesnt start, maybe a codec problem. With other players is no problem.
    This problem appears only on 4k Gen 2.

  15. Artur says:

    Hey Nik, good job, thanks for the app. I’m using it for years. Have a problem now! I have integrated the epg into the m3u, now these epg are no longer active and I have to replace them in the m3u. The player takes over the new only if I delete the old ones in the menu. But I can not get to all my players and want to solve this from m3u. Do you have ideas?

  16. lasko says:

    Using the EPG-IPTV service for EPG and find that my IPTV providers EPG works much better. The only feature that it offers worth the cost is the ability to edit channels (delete, hide and move) in each channel group. This feature would great in PP. The other nice thing about being able to do this is it automaticly updates all my devices using PP with this EPG service without having to go to each device and manually modify each one.

  17. Jeff Cristobal says:

    Love the new theme

  18. Jean-Luc Theard says:

    Is this beta version also available on firetv sticks?

  19. bst says:

    Is it possible to add the subtitles or closed captions (teletext) to all decoders.
    When I use HW+ the video stutters, I don’t know why and my previous box I didn’t have this problem.

  20. Katy B says:

    Please could we have the info at the bottom how it used to be… Not at the top Mess with my OCD


  21. Chris says:

    Is it possible to add an option to use an external player as the decoders within Perfect Player app appear to struggle with playing some content on some of my devices. I am happy to send you an account to test this out should you wish. Thanks

    • Steve says:

      I agree with Chris’s request would be nice to have other options since the built-in decoders do have some issues with some streams. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate your hard work that would be nice to be able to use other players with it. Might take some headache away from you in the process.

    • nikman says:

      You could send an acccount for testing.
      Also, you could try different streaming protocols – in playlist URL replace with output=ts, output=m3u8, output=hls.

  22. Chad says:

    sorry for such a generic question, but i cant seem to find a straight answer…
    what is the difference between m3u8, ts, and hls?
    is any one of them better than the other with an xtream codes provider?


      • Chad says:

        Yep, tried to make sense of those. Too technical for me. Was just hoping someone had some quick insight on if/why one is better than the others for basic IPTV streaming (ie- less buffering, better quality, etc). No worries.

  23. afrob says:

    hello nikman I have the problem that on the perfect player 1.1.4 on pc the vod german movies Do not open All other stations work well Where’s the problem please help

  24. Fedalo says:

    Perfect Player 1.5.1 beta3, not loading all channels logo, changed back to 1,5 then they worked fine.

    • nikman says:

      Could you, please, retry (maybe just not all logos had been downloaded) or send us more info on how can we reproduce it?

      • NixTV says:

        I’ve been seeing the same through a quite a few updates. From a fresh install, It takes 3 or 4 forced updates(update>>down button) to successfully download all logos. Could possibly be amount of channels is too much for PP but it appears to stop downloading logos before it’s complete.

        • NixTV says:

          To reproduce, clear PP data and add your playlists or XC login. Wait for the download to complete, check the epg and not all logos have been downloaded. Do a forced update a few times and eventually, all that are available from epg supplier download.

          • nikman says:

            All logos are downloaded at the background. This could take a while depending on logos amount. You don’t need to make several updates – just wait for a while and logos will appear.

      • Fedalo says:

        I just tried to reinstall beta3 again and still the same problem not all logos get loaded, but when i got back to 1.5 then all are loaded.

  25. Jeff says:

    Info bar still postioned on top even after selected bottom in settings.

  26. Ferdinando says:

    Hello, is it possible to copy the settings of PP from one device to another? I’m trying to clone the configuration of channels from one tvbox to another. Fantastic product. Thanks for your good job.

  27. Gary says:

    If you can get this app to record like my tv online app on formuler boxes you will be the best ever.


  28. Ferdinando says:

    Works Perfect…thanks for your grest support. No.1

  29. Mike says:

    Crashing on Android Tv Os mi box s

    • nikman says:

      – How about previuos app versions?
      – When it happens (on startup, after some actions, etc.)?
      – Could you give more details?

      • Mike says:

        Last beta worked fine, seems to happen when going from channel to channel, channel surfing I guess.

        • nikman says:

          Xiaomi MiBox is known to have “buggy” firmware:
          – Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder
          – Check for the latest device firmware updates

  30. Pedro says:

    Good afternoon, I’d like to know how you stand in configuration transperency (2 default)and info bar timeout (8 seconds)??i have the android box and the perfect player apk 1.5.0

  31. crash21 says:

    Really love your app. I like the new Graphite theme a lot, and the little bar that shows how much is buffered is really cool, but I noticed it seems to be pretty laggy when scrolling through the EPGs and menus. Other themes don’t seem to have this problem and scroll without any lag.

    Anyways please keep up the great work!

    • nikman says:

      What’s the device?
      “Graphite” theme could requires a bit more CPU/GPU resources.

  32. To says:

    3.7go of memory on samsung
    It s normal or not ?

  33. Bubbler says:

    can the buffer size be double from 4 to 8 or even 10 to facilitate those who suffering with a poor internet providers?

    • Steve says:

      The buffer size would not matter in this case let me explain further if you pick the maximum buffer size it would take longer to fill up and what eventually buffer anyway it increases legacy. Your best option would be to stick with SD channels instead of HD channels

      • Steve says:

        With my comment above being said do you think there is a way to filter out HD channels so that only SD channels would show to eliminate buffering with slow internet speeds would be a nice option in my opinion

      • Bubbler says:

        thanks…. that makes sense, but I feel its due to the server I am getting my content from. I have HD Channels that don’t buffer and I have SD channels that buffering

        I think it’s really a hosting server issue

  34. Tig says:

    Either create new folders and move sd channels into them or save sd channels as favourites and select show favourites

  35. Chris says:

    Are there any intentions to add the capability for an A-Z sorting option for VOD folder content and/or content within each folder? Thanks for the hard work

  36. yanec says:

    Can you please add decent image upscaling options? On Android the player uses the default bilinear scaling which is really low quality. More and more android players offer high quality upscaling for SD channels since more and more boxes have hardware capable to do it. This is a huge difference and a game changer for people watching some SD channels.

  37. jcon says:

    seems to b working great,

  38. Chris says:

    Love this app. New graphite skin is great.

    A few further tweaks would make the app complete. None seem like huge coding jobs.

    (1) Channel search functionality – change the UI to the keyboard as used in the settings, the current one is v hard to use, also slow on some devices as it’s loading dynamically after each letter which IMO is not essential. Also extend the search functionality to the VOD section.

    (2) Info bar – information shows for live channels, but not for VOD – presumably it could easily by reading the ‘Description tag’ if it’s VOD?

    (3) The folder list page down when pressing Right was a great addition in last update. Ideally there would be a way to page Up / Page down quickly on the channel list (EPG). This would help where some folders have hundreds of streams (usually VOD)

    (4) Archive – only show it as a context menu icon if the channel actually has archive enabled.

    Hope that at least some of these things can be done! Happy to provide more info if needed.

    Keep up the great work!

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