Perfect Player 1.5.2 beta4

Change log v1.5.2b4:

  • Fixes

Change log v1.5.2b3:

  • Added channels groups sorting into settings backup
  • Fixed sorting of a newly added channels group
  • Improved channel selection by numeric keys

Change log v1.5.2b2:

  • Fixed VOD search feature

Change log v1.5.2b1:

  • Added channels groups sorting feature in “Groups management mode”
    • Activate “Show channels groups as folders” checkbox in settings
    • Use “Up”/”Down”/”Left”/”Right” keys in folders list to sort groups
    • Use long “Left”/”Right” key presses to switch groups
  • Added search feature in “VOD” section
    • Use “Search” item in context menu
    • Use “Left” key press to return from found content
  • Added Georgian localization
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68 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.2 beta4

  1. N3457 says:

    Great Job Nikman. Just 2 enhancements suggestions.
    1. Change the folder icon from the typical windows folder, to bit more modern team or to blend in with the selected team.

    2. A section where VOD will be easily access outside of live TV sections/folders Now its extreamly difficult to use with VOD, takes a long time to load. And VOD content can’t be found. Have comment out VOD or use other APPS for vod.

    • nikman says:

      As for 2 point, you should change playlist format from “M3U” to “XC” in Settings->General->Playlist->…, then you’ll have only live channels in IPTV section and VOD content in “VOD” section.

      • glenntamura says:

        Hi Nikman… Great job. Regarding the playlist script, is there an easy way to hide or encrypt the username and PW? Or, can you point me to where I can find this information out? Thanks… Keep up the great work…

        • nikman says:

          You can set Settings->GUI->PIN code – only authorized users will be able to enter into settings then.

  2. Ferreira says:

    You have to add the option to move the clock around the screen. Because the default app positions stay in front of the image. When I add the option to move the clock I do 5 stars.

    • Walter White says:

      I can move the clock. I keep it in the top left corner. Settings > GUI > Clock > Show Clock, (click box on the right to green), > Scroll down and Select the Position you prefer among those options. Back out and open a live program. You’ll see it there.

  3. Xololo says:

    Hi Nikman,
    I have problem with VOD, fast forward doesn’t work. Could you check this ?
    Thanks a lot for your working.

    • nikman says:

      This could be non-seekable stream. You can try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.

  4. Tig. says:

    Can’t see ‘search’ in context menu for ‘VOD’ or ‘Series’, if I use search in ‘iptv’ mode it only shows tv channels.

  5. adam williams says:

    Hi Nikman, having the functionality to re order the channel groups is an absolute game changer, so thank you very much. In regards to VOD / Series, would it be possible to have it so it displays source name of where the VOD is coming from rather than VOD 1, VOD 2, VOD 3 etc.

  6. shamounb says:

    I have a full version perfect Player but I have program crashing on Xiaomi Mi box s , I need help please .

  7. Kee says:

    No longer plays on sprint LTE and tmobile LTE Verizon LTE and at&t lte… it plays when I use hotspot on my phone using nvidia shield

    • Tig says:

      I am having a similar problem using an Amazon fire tablet, I if I use home network all plays fine, once I switch to hotspot via phone using Vodafone mobile I need to use a vpn when in iptv mode, VOD and Series will play fine without.

      If I switch to other apps live iptv channels play fine without needing the vpn and still using Vodafone mobile.

      • Tig says:

        This problem was solved by changing file extension from ts to his whilst using mobile data

  8. Pop_Top says:

    Great app..keep it up..have a question how to get archive working on non xtream codes panels? What should I write at the end of URL? Tnx

  9. Pop_Top says:

    P.s. Can I buy pro version with PayPal? I don’t want to add my card to Mpay 🙁
    Also is it possible ti make pop up start screen with fields for portal, username and password? It would be easier to import url instead typing really long URLs

  10. Rafael Mendes says:

    Hello Nik,

    I would like to request an improvement in the loading of the m3u list on TV Box (Mxq, Mx9, among other Chinese), the list I use has several titles of movies and series, so to load everything takes from 5 to 10 minutes, on the cell phone it does not take 1 minute.

    Another thing I would like to ask is to be able to access the menu and other functions while loading the list. Thank you

  11. TheNormalOne says:

    Great app, fantastic, congratulations. I’d want to know, if is possible introduce a function to hide single channel in list?. thank you so much

  12. AlexFox says:

    Hi Nik
    Can you make an option to bind some button to quick access to Archive ?

  13. OrhanT says:

    Thats what most of us were looking for: Ability to reorder groups and disable those we would not like to see. Very well done !

    My suggestions for future updates:

    1. When detail epg is selected, there is no need to show the current program under the channel name. It makes the list wider and bigger on the left hand side.

    2. Since I am running on a very big Android TV, option to make the font smaller would be a nice option (maybe to put font size in pt as selectable instead of small / large etc).

    3. I am using Android TV. When auto mode is selected as the decoder, program crashes.No issues when HW or HW+ is selected. When auto is used with an android box (formuler z7+), it works. And the channel change is, when auto is selected, extremely fast.

    4. When in preview mode:
    When the channels are changed, the preview itself does not. i.e. the current channel keeps playing.

    So my suggestion would be to change the channel automatically as well while going through the channels in preview. Otherwise, there is point in having preview mode. It would also be better to put the preview on the right top of the screen.

    5. My provider also provides Radio.
    Would like to see a seperate section for Radio’s as well (just like VOD etc)

    My few cents ….

    • OrhanT says:

      I have been comparing Perfect Player with other IPTV apps. From UI point of view, this app beats everything ! Very well done again. Though, I have found that the quality of IPTV Extreme I’ll mages are slightly better and crispier (in terms of viewing channels experience, especially Full HD, UHD channels). Dont know why, high likely due to the codecs implemented and I could fine tune those options more. That might be the reason.

      But still switched back to Perfect Player due to usability and its UI interaction.

  14. Abood says:

    don’t give up on the pc version please. it is my go to on android but I would like to able to use it on windows without issues.

  15. Can we watching youtube in this player?. what is code for m3u8.
    i tried “”

  16. Ruben Silva says:

    Hello, good afternoon, moreover I wanted to say that your application is wonderful, one of the best.
    But I have had a problem with the application, when I correct to open a channel, it starts to read and then does not open it, I have to insist several times to open the channel, you know what’s going on?

  17. Fedalo says:

    Can you Please add option so we can add subtitles for VOD

    • nikman says:

      What do you mean?
      You can enable subtitiles in “Options” window – to access press “Videocamera” button in main menu during playback.

      • Fedalo says:

        I know this option, but Iam talking about subtitles I download from the net, it will be very nice with this option too. Some VODs have no incoded subtitles so if you can add the option to add a costum subtitle then it will be great. Thanks

  18. Adel says:

    Great job and great app. I have a suggection:
    When a channel does not work, the list of channels comes up and we have to select the next channel. Can you please add a selection so that perfect player skips automatically to the next working channel with a setting in the playback menu to enable/disable “skip non-working channels”?

  19. TheNormalOne says:

    Hi guys, compliments for apps, is fantastic.
    I’d have a suggestion about EPG. When the app is in the details view or when groups are showed as folders, it would be perfect to navigate the EPG without right long pressure, but simply with right short pressure. And then being able to scroll through the EPGs with the Up and Down buttons. It would be fantastic and much more user friendly. Thank you so much

  20. Dean says:

    Great work on the app so far team! I do have a feature request: A page up/down button while scrolling through EPG for Fire Stick users (is it available on other devices?)…could be a fantastic way of implementing the FF/REW buttons on the remote!

  21. fawzib says:

    quick fix: when multiple playlists selected make group merging case insensitive

    • glenntamura says:

      I agree… It would be extremely helpful to be able to merge streams from two different playlists (and have them both be visible on the “adaptive sorting” results from “all channels”). 🙂

  22. NixTV says:

    Any possibility of the ability to switch the preview and program info to the top of the EPG in list mode? Purely cosmetic of course but alot have mentioned it and I would love to see it move to the top. Cheers Nikman, Perfect Player is king of IPTV apps in my opinion and is my daily driver on all my devices.

  23. TheNormalOne says:

    Ho Nikman, in the next version, la possible to change order of the channels? Thank you

    • nikman says:

      You can use Settings->Advanced->Channels management mode to sort channels.

      • Hi Nikman… Great job… About the “channels management mode;
        1) There is only one setting, and that setting is sort by “name” (yes-no). Correct?
        2) Are there more sort options in the “Unlock Premium” version?
        3) Also, once I get the channel in the order I want, then can I “lock” this channel in place, then go back to adaptive sorting?
        4) And then, would the adaptive sorting only affect the channels that are not “locked”?

        Keep up the good work… I should have a little bit of cash I can donate to you after I pay my rent next month…

  24. Chris says:

    I’m missing the PIN lock in VOD mode

  25. Lee says:

    the different models of the box are in the wireless state, the rtsp live stream will appear to be stuck. Other software kodi and progtv are normal. Please fix it( rtsp live stream be stuck,in wireless)

  26. Lee says:

    All live streams starting with http, ending with ts, decoding is slow and slow

  27. Lee says:

    The above problem test equipment Android set-top box 4 (s912 s905x s905d s905w) Android version is 6 and 7

  28. jimm says:

    Using the amlogic chip box, the perfect player decodes the live stream very slowly, kodi is normal, and tested many AMlogic devices.s912 s905x s905w

    • nikman says:

      You can try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder or protocol settings (ts/hls).

  29. TheNormalOne says:

    Is there any hope of being able to navigate the EPG with a single pressure to the right and then with the up and down arrows? Would be great. I would enable this function when groups are shown as folders. Thank you very much

  30. Alec says:

    Thanks for this great app.
    Would be great to have an option to set an automatic reload of the playlists every xx hours. It should be possible to set the frequency (p.e. 1 – 24 hours) manually.

  31. Peter says:

    Thanks for including search functionality in VOD. Any plans on implementing it in the Series section? That would be fantastic.

  32. jessi says:

    Hello Guys,
    hope you are all doing great and fine
    I’m Searching the best Free IPTV Services . And i will see your Site.Thank you so much for provide the Best Services
    Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites.
    Thanks Alot.

  33. Fehmi says:


    My subscription ended today

    how can I subscribe for another year? 

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