Perfect Player released

Change log v1.5.2.1 – v1.5.2.3:

    • Fixes and improvements

Change log v1.5.2:

  • Added channels groups sorting feature in “Groups management mode”
    • Activate “Show channels groups as folders” checkbox in settings
    • Use “Up”/”Down”/”Left”/”Right” keys in folders list to sort groups
    • Use long “Left”/”Right” key presses to switch groups
  • Added search feature in “VOD” section
    • Use “Search” item in context menu
    • Use “Left” key press to return from found content
  • Added Georgian localization
  • Fixes and improvements
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67 Responses to Perfect Player released

  1. fawzib says:

    i was really hoping for epg search

  2. OrhanT says:

    Dont know why, but this version crashes while loading epg (which is huge) on my Android TV. Back to beta 4.

  3. Levi Matthews says:

    No = sign on screen keyboard

    • NixTV says:

      The on screen keyboard is part of the OS, not perfect player. I’m sure if you search, the = is there somewhere.

  4. FrankToth says:

    When I purchase the unloacked version and you come out with a new release, do I need to buy the new release each time. How does this all work.

    • nikman says:

      “Full version” is the one-time purchase. Further app updates will also keep “Full version”.

      • Frank Toth says:

        you can not install an update without first uninstalling the current. How does it then know?

        • nikman says:

          You should be able to upgrade to a higher app version without uninstall. Always install the app from official source (Google Play or this site).
          The app will work in “Full version” mode even after reinstall – make sure you are logged with your Google Play account on the device.

  5. Frank Toth says:

    How would you cast Perfect Player to a Chrome Cast unit. Where can I the docs.

  6. JD says:

    How do I use xtream editor to modify a PPBCK file?

  7. VR says:

    New odd behaviour on a FireStick 4K whereby you get stuck navigating within the ad at the bottom of the screen with no way of getting back to the EPG. Have to restart the FS to get going again.

    This is more of a rub as I actually paid for the ad-free version 🤪

    • nikman says:

      Could you, please, send a video showing the issue to email?
      After what actions it happens? And how often?

    • Diego Castaneda says:

      Yes, just updated to 1.5.2 and noticed this happens. The navigation with directional buttons traps you only to the ad. It happens when you switch out of the app by pressing the home button. Then when you reopen the app, that glitch happens. I’ll try to email you a video nikman.

    • nikman says:


  8. Diego says:

    Possible feature for next release: Add option to select a separate decoder when playing content from archive. I have to switch from HW+ to Software anytime I want to watch something on archive.

  9. Pavlo says:

    Some seasons of TV series are not visible with perfect player

    • thiagowaz says:

      No meu caso, algumas séries não ficam visíveis quando importo a lista IPTV com XC. Quando importo com M3U aparece todas as séries.

  10. kralj3gs says:

    I do not see this aplication on my Nvidia Shield google play store 🤔

  11. kralj3gs says:

    If I delete the full version and install this from the link I will have Addons or it will be full version and continue.

    • nikman says:

      The app will work in “Full version” mode even after reinstall or update. Make sure you are logged with your Google Play account.

  12. JP says:

    Hi, is there a way to watch 2 channels at once?

  13. Danny says:

    Since updating problems with some channels. They don’t play smooth. Same source and other apps/programs play smooth. Changed decoders and buffer size, but doesn’t seem to help.

    • Danny says:

      Seems like the channels play normally for the first few seconds and then start flickering.

      • nikman says:

        – Make sure that your playlist streams are stable
        – Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder

  14. James Miller says: Change Log: Use long “Left”/”Right” key presses to switch groups
    Short press still changes groups, long press navigates TV guide. Please fix. Thanks

  15. Freddy says:

    Please add record option

  16. Antonio LS says:

    You can enter the “search” function for the Series section

  17. Bubbler says:

    We really need an auto scan and assignment for the decoder

    Since using the FireStick 4K I realise the video decoding is very different from the standard Firestick and android tv boxes

    an automatic auto scan and assignment would solve this issue

  18. Ferreira says:

    Ola niklabs. Por favor na próxima atualização você pode adicionar um tema preto e branco

  19. Ferreira says:

    OLA Niklabs. Please in the next update you can add a black and white theme.

  20. Tig. says:

    HW+ still not working on 4K firestick, audio works byt video just freezes

    • Bubbler says:

      I had to use the decoder mode Software
      It seems the FireStick 4K has a different video specs

      If I use HW+ like on the FireStick 2nd Gen, the video freeze

      an automatic auto scan and assignment would solve this issue

  21. thiagowaz says:

    I have a problem with the application. When I use XC, the content of the IPTV list is not fully imported, many seasons and full series are not imported. This does not occur when using the M3U.

    • nikman says:

      You could contact your IPTV provider and ask him to enter proper description for that seasons.

    • Pavlo says:

      I have the same problem, whit iptv smarters no problem.

    • Pavlo says:

      Same problem, but the creator insists on saying that it is a problem of the provider, in reality with the app iptv smarters that uses api xtream this problem does not occur

  22. Hello Sir.. i cant stream in tv box android 4.2. But can stream in Android TV 6.0 and 8.0.. I already used HW & HW+ but failed to play.. It is related with codex 265 or 264?.

    Before this i can play in tv box 4.2. But after that website changed new gui and m3u8 links, i cant stream anymore..

    here is a link

    Main Website

  23. Hi, I changed my list to “xc” to hace catchup, I can see the archive icon, I can browse the catchup content but as soon as I pick a show…. It tries to load and then just stops, no matter which channel. Can you help me please? Thanks.

    • nikman says:

      – Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder
      – Ask your IPTV provider

      • fawzib says:

        go back 5 hours in the past and the catchup feature will work. it is just perfect player messing around with timezones

  24. Andreas says:

    This question might have nothing to do with the latest version, but here it is:
    I have added a second playlist (as a trial). The problem is that several folders are missing/not showing in Perfect Player. At first I thought it was the supplier but I checked the link in another app and there they are. So the question is if there’s a max numbers of folders in Perfect Player?
    It is atleast 10 folders missing when I compare Perfect Player and the other app.
    Please advise what to do.

    • nikman says:

      You are walcome to send your playlist for tests. Please, describe which folders have the issue.

      • Jim McBride says:

        I have the same issue when showing two subs at a time. The problem is that the two subs have the identical group name eg MLB, it only shows once, in the first sub. I tested by hiding the first sub and the sub that was not showing the MLB group (second sub), is now showing when it wasn’t before. I believe that is the problem that Andreas is experiencing, and that the other users like me with two subs has. When showing the two subs, the channels in the group that is showing is loading both channel listings in the one group. Hope this helps identify the issue. Andreas must have about 10 groups with the same name. The channels in the group that is showing will have data from both until he hides one group. Sorry for length of post.

  25. Laurier Doucet says:

    Great application! Pretty interface easy to understand and to use. The only possible improvement would be adding recording capability.

  26. non says:

    feature suggestions:
    can you please add a favorites list ‘before “all channels” in list context menu? (*not on hidden menu)
    sorry for my english

  27. Book Enticer says:

    Hi, my Perfect Player app size is over 1 GB, giving me now issues on an Amazon Stick I have for my kids, is there a way to decrease size or know what is taking so much space?

    • nikman says:

      You can make “Backup -> Restore” sequence to clear all cached data.
      Settings->Defaults->Backup/Restore settings

  28. Book Enticer says:

    I also suggest a way to select groups we don’t want to load and show, hide them will still make them load and takes forever to do so.

  29. Baby168 says:

    Can support decoder fixing?



    #EXTINF:-1, tvg-name=”” tvg-logo=”” group-title=””, decoder=”HW+” TV1


  30. mleo says:

    Player is great 👍
    But sometimes he crashes a some iptv channels. Every day other channels cause crash?!?
    IPTV provider provide no help, so it would be great if you can improve the error handling. If any decoding or other problems happen deliver black screen, so I can switch to next channel. The crashes are annoying, sone black screens sometimes would be acceptable!

    • nikman says:

      Could be the device firmware issue. Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.

  31. Taru Mar says:

    Good job and great app. I have a suggestion.

    Can you add a selection so that the perfect player automatically jumps to the next working channel?If a channel does not work, the channel list is displayed and we must select the next channel.

    That is not a big problem for me, but unfortunately a problem for my children.

  32. PP Fan #99 says:

    Does voice search work yet on the Firestick 4K? Saw this mentioned a year ago and you said it was not functional at the time without Google play. Would love to voice search. Thanks!

  33. Ali says:

    How to download for Amazon fire TV? Couldn’t find it the Amazon App Store

  34. Blox ten says:

    Hello Nikman,

    Can you add this option in future

    Search in Series like VOD
    And group in Series like VOD

    in series and vod (source)
    Just view no hiden group and content

    In general search (source iptv)
    Just search in no hiden content

  35. sva says:

    hello, when I try to go to SERIES and then enter the series, perfect NOT to give me the list of TV series, it’s empty

  36. lawry says:

    HI, based on the instructions you provided to move a folder, not able to complete action. Can you give more detail information.

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