Perfect Player 1.5.6 beta3

Change log v1.5.6b3:

  • Logos from EPG supported
  • Added the ability to select logos sources
    Settings->Advanced->Logos sources
    • Playlist
    • Logos directory
    • EPG
  • Logos assignments from a local directory is also available
    Settings->General->Logos directory
  • Fixes

Change log v1.5.6b2:

  • Fixes

Change log v1.5.6b1:

  • Terms of Use included
  • Preparing for future updates
  • Improved localizations
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7 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.6 beta3

  1. Jesse says:

    Having an issue with assigned logos not loading.

    • nikman says:

      This method temporarily will not be available.
      However, we are going to introduce new methods instead.

      • Jesse says:

        Ok, cool. Good to know. Is there a timeline you have for that? Just out of curiosity. Just so I can manage my OCD abut it haha

        • nikman says:

          You can use automatic methods available in v1.5.6b3:

          • Playlist – logos from playlist
          • Logos directory – logos from a local directory
          • EPG – logos from EPG sources

          Also, you can use “Logos assign mode” to manually assign logos from a local directory (Settings->General->Logos directory).

  2. Emrah Acikgoz says:

    I use PP since 2 years. I have problem with reconnect when i select hardware or native decoder. After i use this beta version i have not any problem. I use rk max android box 3229 hardware.

  3. Don Fairbanks says:

    I am planning on retiring my old android tv box and installing a new one in the very near future…would like to know the easiest path to doing that with your app so I keep my paid status.


    • nikman says:

      The app will work in “Full version” mode on all of your Android devices running under your Google Play account.
      Make sure that the device has Google Play installed.

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