Perfect Player 1.5.7 beta2

Change log v1.5.7b2:

  • Added software audio decoding in HW+ decoder
    (for devices without hardware audio decoding support)
  • Improved network stability in HW+ decoder
  • Fixes

Change log v1.5.7b1:

  • Updated HW+ decoder
  • Added HTTPS protocol support for Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixes
  • Requires Android 4.1+
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7 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.7 beta2

  1. Na says:

    How can I get the licence d version on firestick

  2. ivanimatrix says:

    Can you add the name of playlist into groups list???

    Also, add groups on VOD/Series…


  3. Saiha says:

    This beta fixed an issue I had with embedded subtitles failing on some channels. Excellent work 😀

  4. PP Fan says:

    Great app! Please provide us an easy way to filter out groups in the Android app, it would save a lot of time. Many providers have dozens of categories and vod in the m3u link which slows players down to a crawl. If you could only include certain groups while excluding all others, that would be w tremendously appreciated feature!

    • nikman says:

      You can use Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode to hide some groups in channels list context menu.

  5. Samuel says:

    perfect app I have used for 2 years.

    It would be even better if we could have the capability to fast forward a tv program after using the pause feature. For now, I can just resume the program and eventually get back to the live.

  6. Chutchut Pademark says:

    Hello, would it ne possible to create favorites in vod and series. It’s annoying to have to do the search each time I want to watch a new episode.
    Thanks a lot

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