Perfect Player 1.5.7 released

Change log v1.5.7:

  • Updated HW+ decoder
  • Added software audio decoding in HW+ decoder
    (for devices without hardware audio decoding support)
  • Improved network stability in HW+ decoder
  • Added HTTPS protocol support for Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixes
  • Require Android 4.1+
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11 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.7 released

  1. Emrah Açıkgöz says:

    What is difference with 1.5.7 and 1.5.7beta2

  2. Alfred says:

    Esxcuse me, but 1.5.7 isn’t the latest? Where could you find beta?

  3. Adeel says:

    1.5.7 beta 2 was compatible with Android 4.02 but 1.5.7 is not. If possible kindly keep compatibility for Android 4.0.2 as many Smart TVs have Android 4.02 and won’t upgrade further.

    • nikman says:

      Unfortunately, we can’t make further app updates while keeping Android 4.0 support.
      However, you can still install and use 1.5.6 app version on such devices.

  4. Ferreira says:

    You have to add the playback function. And add a function that when you press the left button on the remote control the last 4 or 5 channels will appear so you can choose which one you come back to You have to add a function that agent can customize the buttons on the remote control as it has on prog tv.

  5. GoonerB says:

    The option for SW audio decoder seems to have vanished? Can find it anywhere in settings with HW+ selected. It was there a while ago and now it’s gone?

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