Perfect Player 1.5.8 beta2

Change log v1.5.8b2:

  • Added ‘Audio shift’ option in HW+ decoder

Change log v1.5.8b1:

  • Updated Hardware and Software decoders
  • Changed: EPG ‘Download at each update’ option downloads EPG only if EPG file was updated on the server
  • Added ‘Flussonic’ catchup support for TS streams
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5 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.8 beta2

  1. Samuel says:

    Could you please give more details about what is flussonic catchup and how to use it ?
    Thanks very much !!

  2. Megazildjian says:

    1.5.9 please oh please fix the black screens for certain channels. Reselecting the channel very quickly makes it show video, if that helps at all. …Expected Result: Shows video and audio. Actual Result: Black screen with audio. Top notch app with only that glitch. Thank you nikman!

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