Perfect Player 1.5.9 beta2

Change log v1.5.9b2:

  • Added showing ‘Archive’ icon on channels for more providers
  • Bug fixes

Change log v1.5.9b1:

  • Added ‘Sleep timer’ feature to stop playback after a specified period of time
    (to setup press “Down” key when cursor is on Settings/Cogwheel button in main menu)
  • Additional options to configure catchup (blue lines)
  • Improved Flussonic cachup support

Beta-version is now available for download on Google Play
(you need to confirm to be a beta-tester on the app’s page in Google Play)

Download as APK: PerfectPlayer-1.5.9b2.apk

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6 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.9 beta2

  1. paul says:


  2. Mo says:

    In android version Settings\General it is impossible to add a new playlist by pasting a long URL from clipboard.. Paste is disabled and URL too long to manual type it….

  3. pretorianetz says:

    Could you add (an option for auto-closing the app, or better power off the device, after a user-defined time of inactivity). If you turned on the app and didn’t press any buttons (for example, for 3 hours), the device turns off or the player closes.

  4. Ernst says:

    Hi, can you add expiration date of an xc line , just like they did in IPTV Smarters

  5. Mikhail Priev says:

    I wish to have sleeping timer was a part of settings, so it could be locked with password.

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