Perfect Player 1.5.9 released

Change log v1.5.9.2:

  • Small fixes

Change log v1.5.9:

  • Added PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Player feature to play secondary channel in a small window (Full version)
  • “PiP” menu is in channels list context menu:
    • Start – play currently selected channel in PiP
    • Stop – stop PiP
    • Switch – transfer playing channel from PiP to the main window
    • Position – PiP postion
    • Size – PiP size
  • Added ‘Sleep timer’ feature to stop playback after a specified period of time
    (to setup press “Down” key when cursor is on Settings/Cogwheel button in main menu)
  • Added showing ‘Archive’ icon on channels for more providers
  • Additional options to configure catchup (blue lines)
  • Bug fixes
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40 Responses to Perfect Player 1.5.9 released

  1. Abi says:

    It would be nice to have split screen as one of the options on the PIP feature

  2. paul says:

    a 2nd Favourites would be nice ?

  3. Justt says:

    Sometimes archive starts to play from beginning where i started to watch, Also would be great if video on archive automatically continue to next video after first ends. And way to launch archive is quiet frustating, would be better to have one click archive launch button.

  4. Aryan Yadav says:

    Please if possible add option to play youtube links. I can just copy and paste the youtube link in vlc network streaming option, it plays well. It would be great if we can use YouTube link to play live streaming in perfect player instead of .m3u8

  5. João says:

    Does it have a P2P function?

  6. Julio says:

    Hi Nickman! thanks for the app. I installed the apk on my firetv4k but it does not appear in the main list of applications.
    Can you help me solve this problem?
    In previous versions I did the same procedure and this did not happen.
    Thank you very much for your help!

  7. Nauman says:

    How can i stop software from downloading VOD images coz it consuming all available space in fire tv stick going over 2gb in downloaded data files..

  8. Miro says:

    This m3u URL format is not taken by Perfect Player, but in VLC and in Browser its working:

  9. Miro says:

    Tested in Settings > General > Playlist

  10. Jose says:

    what about Close captioning

    • nikman says:

      You can select subtitles track in “Options” window – to access press “Videocamera” button in main menu during playback.

  11. Douglas says:

    Hi Man, may you help? I had installed Perfect Player in my TVBox to watch TV by IPTV. However I can’t pick another language or subttles. In my cellphone it’s all right. Why just not in my TVBox?

  12. kay says:

    PIP is great feature, but on my tv it works only for few seconds then the small picture goes off

    • nikman says:

      Try to select different decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.

      • Kay says:

        I just tried all decoders options including the auto, and tried it on my Sony TV, Nvidia TV, and on my android smartphone, it always plays anytime between 5 and 30 seconds then the small picture goes off, am I the only one facing this?

      • kay says:

        could the reason be, that my program has lots of channels inside? more than 100000?

      • kay says:

        For your info,
        1- I tried another m3u provider with only 30000 channels, PIP worked flawlessly in its channels
        2- PIP worked with channels from the 30000 channel link, and still did not work with channels from the 120000 channels link, even when the 120000 link was still inside the app, and full channels numbers was more than 150000
        3- I cleaned all application data, started from zero, used only clean install with 120000 link, no EPG, no channel and group editing, still did not work
        4- I used group editing, removed majority of groups, kept only 100 channels, did not work
        5- I will try to ask the provider if they can delete all the channels I do not need and will inform you of the results so you can have idea about this issue.

      • kay says:

        I used word editor to reduce the number of channels in new m3u to around 1000
        deleted all app data and started very fresh
        tried PIP with the SD channels
        still did not work on these links in particular

      • kay says:

        I am not sure if my remarks are helping, but last update. I made small file with only 8 channels, 4 from working group and 4 from non working group, only when both small PIP screen and main screen are from the non working group, the small screen goes off after 20 seconds, all other combination and the PIP works without problems.
        Decoder for all is AUTO

      • kay says:

        Last update. I think the reason is the non working provider does not allow more than one stream at the same time, so the older PIP stream stops working seconds after the new large window screen starts, not sure if this is really the reason, but makes the most sense, I contacted the provider to fix this and see.

  13. Ras Putina says:

    I have a m3u playlist of VOD. These are internet VOD links. But that site does not have subtitles. Can I download subtitles SRT files to local folder. If yes, how do I tell PP where to go look for them?

  14. Alvin says:

    First, thanks for the continued development of perfect player. I have one request. I feel it’s like a bug, but it may be by design. Can you please make it so that if someone has channels manually sorted using channel management , but accidentally pressed adaptive sorting option, they don’t lose all of the sorting that was done after deselecting the option? It’s very frustrating, I wish I could remove the option from the menu.

  15. Denis Gravel says:

    Anybody else having issues with PP crashing on the new Shield. My old Shield is ok. Playlists and EPGs are the same

  16. PAUL says:

    when watching something then you press the left button it goes to previous watched channel. how about highlighting a few to chose not just last one

  17. kay says:

    While changing channels in sequence with channel next/previous button, the app opens the channels list when the channel fails to load, which makes the channel list jump whole page, which makes it confusing,
    A suggestion would be not to open channel list when the channel is not working, rather stay in the previous state, that is keep the list open if it was open while selecting the non-working channel, or not open it if the channel was selected without opening the channel list, with numbers or next/previous button.

  18. albay66 says:

    first of all thanks for the program. Let me state from the very beginning, my English is bad. I’m sorry for that. I have been using your perfect iptv program for about 3 years. great program.
    My request from you is to be able to follow the links with maniefst in this program.
    It works flawlessly on smart TVs. The links with manifest.
    but I guess it gives a codec error in your application.
    I wonder if there will be a development on this subject.
    Thanks in advance. I wish you easy.

  19. Joca says:

    Hello,any update soon from perfect player,maybee to add stalker portal in app?

  20. akil says:

    the vod and series section loads but the iptv sections does not load tried all options please fix it

  21. Eddie says:

    It seem Perfect Player is blocked on Amazon Fire OS (668694820). The roll out for has just happen for the Generation 2 Fire TV’s at the moment. Perfect Player installs but won’t open.

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