Perfect Player released


Change log v1.6.0.1:

  • Fixed crash that occured during playback on Android 11

Change log v1.6.0:

  • Added channel name aliases support for XMLTV EPG
  • Fixed possible crash on app startup (EPG loading)
  • Added up-to Android 11 support
  • Added Privacy Policy in settings
  • Fixes

Known issue: Still not fixed startup crash issue on Amazon devices after recent Fire OS update; Solution: Use 1.4.2 app version

Update will be available for all users on Google Play in a few days.

Please, rate app in Google Play to support development!

Download as APK: PerfectPlayer-

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29 Responses to Perfect Player released

  1. Tiri barc says:

    Hey bro, this is crashing on FireTv not even opening.
    I tried all p[revious versions one by one from this to ver 1.4 all doing the same
    I did factory reset on my firetv still the same.

  2. Petar says:

    Hi, Is there an option to set subtitle and audio track language in menu or with some attribute in playlist. Be cause changing the subtitle and audio track on every channel can be time consuming process 🙂 – For lazy people :).

  3. Paulo says:

    Great job! Thank you!

  4. Nil says:


    On 4:3 video format “Fit width” option doesn’t work on the official Google TV if you have enabled hardware acceleration. It just do the same as “Stretch” option. On Amazon Fire TV 4k works fine.

  5. Jan says:

    i cant find it in playstore anymore

  6. svojat81 says:

    Same problem for android tv ?
    i cant find it in playstore anymore 🙁

  7. Jahim Sankoh says:

    Download it from downloader

  8. totopic says:

    Please, try to fix the google play issue…

  9. Vitor says:

    Hi, I love your app, I bought it and I don’t regret it at all. but I have a problem, I’m able to watch everything. but in the last month when I change the channel it is taking a long time, everything goes black, it takes about 20 seconds and the channel opens. and this does not happen in other programs. before it worked normally. Can you help me with this? i use a MIBOX S. thanks

  10. totopic says:

    Hi NikLabs,

    Since Nvidia update the firmware on Shield TV to 9.0, the apk V1.6 seems to be unauthorized to have access to folders of the TV-box. When apk V1.4 remains authorized…
    Please assist on how to fix that issue, as Nvidia support is not able to manage (!)

    I’ve paid for your beautiful apk on Google-Play, long time ago, but now, it is not available on GP for upgrading… You should push much more on their shoulder to make them works…

    • Matias92 says:


      What version do you have of the Nvidia Shield TV box? I have an Nvidia Shield TV PRO 2019, and my shield has been upgraded to version 9.0, where the shield was upgraded to Android 11. I have not had such a problem. Have you given Perfect Player IPTV software access to folder information?

      I am also using this version of the Perfect Player IPTV software. But I also wonder why Perfect Player IPTV is no longer available from the Play Store? It would be much easier to upgrade it if it were in the Play Store. Could Niklabs answer this why this software is no longer in the Play Store?


      Best regards

  11. Гена says:

    Как можно купить платную версию

    • totopic says:

      it’s finish for now, as PP is no longer on the Play-Store…
      This is very frustrating for those who have paid, and who are no longer supported!

  12. kay says:

    Hello, it is no longer updating, and it even was removed from Play store, what happened? 🙁

  13. jac says:

    Hello nikman

    I bought “Perfect Player” for Android TV from you, everything worked well until now when I have a problem.

    When trying to add one more playlist (number 4) in “file.m3u” format, I realized that I no longer see either the new or the old lists which still work very well with “Perfect Player”

    What can we do to see them again?

    For example by browsing by VLC I see them, the old ones and the new ones, Perfect Player no longer sees any file

    Can you help me please

    Thank you

  14. Tig says:

    New Amazon Software Version Updates released, PP previously not working on Amazon 4k Television & Firestick Lite, now working fine after update

  15. David Tank says:

    My EPG will not work in perfect player I have it working in two other platforms I do get a playlist

  16. Nil says:

    It looks like the software is no longer in development after removing from the play store. 🙁

    • Nick says:

      If this is true then please continue developing as an open source software and move to f-droid store. Thank you

  17. Jens says:

    Hi, is it not possible to download it from google anymore?

  18. ttcarturors says:

    Hola lista para reproducir, gracias

  19. KiRK says:

    AFAIK Nikman came from Ukraine, so it’s highly unlikely that there will be any further development to Perfect Player. We lost contact a long time ago and we don’t even know if he’s still alive. Let’s all hope there’ll be better times in the future.

    ps. I downloaded the APK here and sideloaded it to my new smartphone, because it’s not on PlayStore anymore; and it’s still being recognized as the paid version.

  20. Berko says:

    i am using this app more than 5 years. it is very easy and very usefull. Thanks to owner. You can inprove loading list time. it takes too much time

  21. mike says:

    I cannot get it work that the volume control only can be controlled by the volume up and down keys. Please check.

  22. Luis says:

    Man this was an awesome app to bad its not I. The playstore anymore any time line of its return? Possible another location to download from?

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