Perfect Player (Android) video tutorial 1

Perfect Player (Android) tutorial 1 – Setup IPTV playlist

In this tutorial you can find Perfect Player initial setup and basic usage.
The video shows how to add IPTV playlist, assign missed logos, add EPG source, assign missed EPG data, setting video options, working with favorites, switching view modes, etc.

Note: Playlist URL in this video do not exists. You need to add your own playlist URL. Ask your IPTV broadcast provider.

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78 Responses to Perfect Player (Android) video tutorial 1

  1. steven says:

    super, any setup video for windows?

  2. sami says:

    How do I work enlarge the screen image

    • nikman says:

      During playback press “Video camera” button in main menu to change video options (aspect ratio, zoom mode, etc.)

  3. pippo says:

    with native decoder on Android TV box, I see the channels with high quality ‘but in the bottom of the image always appears an annoying green horizontal line nn rieso to remove. Can you help me?

  4. Wisstnb says:

    How can you delete a group of channels in Android?

    • nikman says:

      To remove a channels group you can move all channels from this group to another group or restore default channels group (double-tap on channel name or hide groups from context menu and press Enter/Ok key on selected channel).

      • Koen says:

        Hello, I have the same issue. I have only 5 groups I want to use (from 200 groups). The other ones I’d like to hide or move to the bottom. What would be working better is an option to hide the group. Or move the locked groups down in the list.

  5. onebeat says:

    Hello, great app…i have problem that sometimes logo of your player is showing in center of channel until i restart android box. I have payed version of app…

  6. Mark fields says:

    Hi, is it possible to install perfect player on a android TVs

  7. aderbale says:

    Hi Nik,

    I bought the professional version of Perfect Player but i’m experiencing some problems with many IPTV channels on my Android Tv Box: at the bottom of the screen a green line appears with many channel but not with all channels. Using Kodi v17 beta 6 with the same channels i have no problems.

    I used all decoder (HW, HW+, SW) but the green line is still here…

    • nikman says:

      Try Native decoder or device firmware updates. Hard to say without actual device.

      • Ronald says:

        i have the same problem before with green line. The problem you can fix you must set the TV on “auto select screen ” not fixed on 16:9 o something

  8. Fabio Trama says:

    bom dia alguém pode me ajudar estou com problema na atualização do EPG na primeira configuração ele mostra a programação perfeita depois de uns dias some e nada mais faz voltar só se eu renetar o aparelho e instalar novamente alguém pode me ajudar

      • Carol says:

        I’m kind of new at this so bear with me. All I need to do is to find out when I’m watching a show how to get back to the PVR. Or guide. Can you help me with that? I can’t find the answers anywhere so while I was reading through this thread I decided to click reply. Sorry if it was a boo boo. LOL. But trying to get back to the guide is driving me absolutely crazy! On a firestick with a firestick remote

  9. Mark fields says:

    PP doesn’t seem to work on my new sony TV. Ioaded the app from Google store. PP works ok on my fire stick.

  10. algdu83 says:

    Thank you very much for this super app

    Can disable or give you the option to disable buffering for iptv strings
    Example I look at a match and when I have a break … back.. I have the following of the match, not the direct LIVE, with other application no problem
    The buffering option is good for VOD.. not for live
    thank you

  11. Daniel W Petersson says:

    Hello, I wonder is there a common problem with subtitles. The subs just wont show. I tried other apps and VLC and it works nice. If I can fix subtitles to work it would really be a Perfect perfect player.

  12. Bruno says:

    How to select ‘hardware’ decoder for all the channel in one shoot in Perfect Player?
    I tried all the menu, and I’m only able to change this setting channel per channel, which is a pain 🙁
    Where to change it once for all ?


  13. rsa says:

    Hi, where video options ? for Deinterlacing, Aspect ratio, Zoom mode, Audio track, Subtitles. cant found it (android version 1.4.0 )

  14. Gil says:

    I paid for the app and it works awesome, I was wondering if there is a way to use subtitles ? Within iptv? I see the little icon at the bottom that looks like the subtitles icon? Any advise?

    • nikman says:

      During playback press “Video camera” button in main menu to change video options.

      • Gil says:

        Ok I do that but then what?

      • Gil says:

        I see that option it states “no subtitles” (1) when I click on it the video sort of rewinds for a few sec? This is via flawless iptv ? Any ideas?

        • Daniel says:

          Same for me, subs just doesn’t work. It works with other players. Maybe a bjg tobbe fixed in the next update Niklab?

  15. Gil says:

    On a fire Tv what is the best setting for iptv playback? Like Flawless VOD ? Tv works great but VOD buffeers alotn

  16. remlad says:

    Greetimngs, I was wondering if this app will work on an andriod tablet?

  17. Black says:

    How add channels to the favorites on Android

    • nikman says:

      Use “Add to favorites” item in channels list context menu and “Show favorites/all” also there.

  18. Paul says:

    Hi any video on how to organise the groups or how to create them?

  19. Greg says:

    Has anyone had any looping problems? Replays over and over again

  20. rogan says:

    You guys could corner the market here, your guided looks nice, user friendly great with setting up the groups, but if you can add the rewind fast forwarding of live TV(time shift) and recording. Progtv has these features but there guide and interface sucks. You guys would own the market, people would pay up to $20 for this, I know I would

  21. Peter Johansson says:

    Subtitles with iptv doesnt work. Really need that feature. Thanks in adwance

    • Rod says:

      Same here, I am using HW+ and I have the latest Fire TV, and I get the subtitle option just fine, it says Eng, I pick that one, but the subtitle never show up. Same thing happen in an Android Samsung Galaxy tablet, I get the subtitle option, but the letters never show up.

  22. WAYNE BOND says:

    I can change were it say all channels to the different categories any help please

    • nikman says:

      You can use Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode to move channels into existing or new groups.

  23. Rodrigo says:

    What port I need to forward in my router to have acces to my “IPTV data server” in my home compuer from my Android box in my office ?

    Thank you for the great work you do to make Perfect Player the best IPTV program for Android!!


  24. Andrew says:

    Hello Friend I was wondering how do I create groups and move channels to them. Thanks

    • nikman says:

      Yes. You can use Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode to move channels into new or existing groups.

  25. Robert Kipness says:

    I’m using perfect Player on a new Nvidia Shield. I’m watching IPTV service with it and at the 8 – 81/2 minute time the app will kick out and restart. I took Shield back and got it replaced thinking that something was wrong with the box. But PP still does the same thing on the new shield box. Do you knew what is causing this issue and what I need to do to correct the issue? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

  26. Kev Cadden says:

    I’m getting a small red circle when trying a channel and the stream won’t.load. epg and.playlist loaded correctly.

  27. steve says:

    the background is too plain. how can i add a background picture?

    • nikman says:

      You can try different themes (Settings->GUI->Theme).
      Other options are not available.

  28. kirk says:

    Is there a way to get program information on the guide without switching views also are you going to enable us to go more into the future on the guide to see whats on later? Thanks in advance

  29. Glenn Tamura says:

    Are there any audio “synch” controls anywhere on the free player? Or, how about on the Pro version? Also, only some of my channels have synch problems, but others do not. Is this common?

  30. Shafqat says:

    No group management for android tv app?

  31. Jimmy says:

    Can u do EPG shift for only a specific group?

    • nikman says:

      Currently, only for individual channels in “EPG assign mode”.
      However, interesting request.

  32. Gierek says:

    Why i dobt have on xiaomi mi box HW decoder? It”s only HW+

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