Perfect Remote 1.0.6 released

Change log v1.0.6:

  • Extended EPG (TV program guide) support is added
  • Minor bug fixes
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4 Responses to Perfect Remote 1.0.6 released

  1. Ty for the update now it works like a tv guide slash tv remote 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Remote 1.1.0 needs delay for 2 secs so my phone can connect without popup window showing. I have to close it all the time but connects after 2 secs. Not complaining just sharing the issue.

  3. Noour says:

    Please we need remot control for iphone deiveces. Please do not forget iphone users. Thank you.

  4. Cemil Ergün says:

    If you have a virtual control in the next version, it will be your pleasure. Numbers, turn on / off button, mute, channel up and down, sound up and down, etc … It will be great if it happens.

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