Perfect Remote 1.1.0 released


Change log v1.1.0:

  • Added Chromecast support
    (configure playlist in the settings, when selecting TV – select Chromecast and you are ready to cast IPTV)
  • UI optimization for tablets
  • Bug fixes

Download as APK: premote-1.1.0.apk

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24 Responses to Perfect Remote 1.1.0 released

  1. londonsnews says:

    No, doesn’t work with my IPTV playlist, this is after adding the URL to the settings.

    • Elya says:

      Could you clarify the following: you don’t see playlist or you can’t cast it to Chromecast? Have you connected to Chromecast?

      • londonsnews says:

        Right, playlist is installed, then when I cast, it won’t play. When I cast from the app, I get a blue cast icon on the screen with a black background.

        • Elya says:

          Unfortunately unlike Perfect Player Chromecast doesn’t support all IPTV streams.

          • londonsnews says:

            There is a similar app which I won’t mention the name of where the exact same playlist works with 95% of streams on Chromecast.

        • Elya says:

          Is there any chance you could share your playlist or at least URL of a single channel – so that we could debug the problem?

  2. Daniel Petersson says:

    It just crashes when I refresh the or upload the playlist on my xperia Z5, has anyone got the chromecast function to work?

    • Elya says:

      Could you please share your playlist link so that we can debug the problem? You can send it to email: niklabsoft at gmail.

    • Elya says:

      We’ve fixed the problem. The fix should be releasee in a few days. Thanks for the report.

  3. Francisco says:

    Hello , any support for Service id program li ke this udp://@

  4. amine yassine says:

    Hi, this app looks promising but there is still some issues. i installed the app in my samsung S7 to cast my m3u file from prefect player, the m3u works great on perfect player but perfect remote app can’t detect my chromecast, when i choose select tv i can only choose my S7 and not my chromecast.
    i tried to install the 2 apps again on my samsung tab 3, and guess what, when i tap choose a tv, it shows again my S7 whereas i’m on the tab 3, and no trace of my chromecast lol
    Please help!!

    • Elya says:

      Have you configured m3u link in the Perfect Remote settings as Chromecast playlist? You should do this – then you should select Chromecast when you are selecting your TV.

      • amine yassine says:

        yes i think that’s where i’m failing, the app loads all channels when choosing S7 as tv, but when i choose “local/chromecast” i see no channels at all on the list. i put the m3u file on download folder so i copy past the path on the app settings as this: /storage/emulated/0/download/list.m3u
        But still the app doesn’t load any channels when choosing chromecast as tv, it loads only when choosing S7 as tv.

        • Elya says:

          Ok, understood. Currently you can only specify m3u URL from the internet “i.e. http://…playlist.m3u” – you can’t point to a file in the local file system. We are going to add this feature in one of the next updates.

          • amine yassine says:

            oh ok, thanks for your help. i really appreciate it.
            You should post a guide and put it’s link on the play store cause people will miss this great app by getting frustrated and uninstalling it.
            I will leave you a 5 stars on the store. 🙂

          • amine yassine says:

            Update: i put this m3u link in the settings:
            It worked great because now i see the list and the logos on the channel list of the app.
            I also successfully connected to the chomecast, i see the blue logo of the perfect remote. I can also control the chromecast volume from the app. But when i choose a channel the blue logo on tv blinks and nothing happens . So every time i choose a channel the blue logo blinks on tv but nothing happens. (The channels works great on perfect player).
            Any idea?

          • Elya says:

            It’s hard to tell for sure, because we can’t check your IPTV streams, but in general Chromecast doesn’t support all types of IPTV streams. This could be your case.

          • Crocas says:

            Same problem here. Blue icon just blinks.

  5. Jacek says:

    hey guys, I have exactly the same problem like amine yassine “But when i choose a channel the blue logo on tv blinks and nothing happens . So every time i choose a channel the blue logo blinks on tv but nothing happens. (The channels works great on perfect player).”

  6. I already had the perfect player full version… will I have to buy for this too?

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