For PC: Download and put plugins into app’s plugins directory. Restart needed.

For Android: Download and put plugins into any directory on sdcard and set Plugins directory in app Setttings. Restart needed.

Note: Use left/right keys or buttons in media list title to switch pages.

43 Responses to Plugins

  1. dlman1999 says:

    Unable to get EX.UA plugin to work. I was able to edit the language ini and then I was able to change the source to EX.UA how ever it never downloaded a playlist.

    • nikman says:

      I guess this resource may be not available in some countries. Where are you trying from? Could you check it in browser?

  2. dlman1999 says:

    Beta ex mail screen loads when I open in browser.

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  7. Aleksey says:

    please add a plugin for any online cinema (ex.,, and etc)

    • nikman says:

      Thanks for the links! Looks like some of this resources can be implemented as plugins.

      • rockin says:

        Сергей, могли бы Алексею и по-русски ответить 🙂

        • nikman says:

          Вопрос же был на английском 🙂 … ну и чтобы все понимали.

  8. Enegel says:

    Hello Nick your the best and your app its amazing.
    can you made plugin for this said

  9. barano says:

    can somebody make a plugin to controll the volume?
    I have a fire tv box and a fire tv stick (there is no usb for other remotes)
    but the remote don’t have any volume buttons.
    can somebody change or add the keyboard shortcuts so that when I’m watching tv in fullscreen and press the right or left button the volume is gonna up or down and by long pressing the select (enter) button it will mute or unmute.
    the previous chanel (key left) and EPG info (key right) in fullscreen I don’t really need.
    unfortunately I’m a java noob
    if someone could do that I would be really happy 😀

    • nikman says:

      Plugins are not provide such functionality right now.
      Probably, I’ll add this option in next releases.

  10. Barry says:

    I have installed Windows version and when I connect to a source it says it is playng but I don’t see any video or hear any audio.

    • nikman says:

      What kind of stream protocols are you using?

      • Barry says:

        I’m not sure I follow. It says it connects and is playing a channel, but no video or audio. Are there any specific Codecs required for this to work? I watch many video types from this same laptop so I am unsure what may be missing.

  11. mimo says:

    i have amazon fire tv stick i want upgrade to pro but i couldn’t coz no play store any solution how to pay?

  12. Arthur says:

    Can you made to compatible with Amazon fire stick please ?

    It’s an very good player 😉

    • nikman says:

      What’s the problem with Amazon Fire Stick?

      • Arthur says:

        I have buy this app with Google Play and I have put it on my firestick with sideload and they show me that’s an free version and not the full

        • nikman says:

          Currently, Full version unlock is only available and can be used on devices with Google Play installed.

  13. khaldoun says:

    Thank You for this app . it is very good .
    The channel stop after 1 minute (m3u .ts), i should return the channel .
    Can you make return the channel automatic when it stopped.

  14. George says:

    Hi, Excelent player! the best by far, one question, supports Youtube Live Stream? Regards

  15. khaldoun says:

    How i change the ratio 4:3 for android.

    • nikman says:

      During playback press “Video camera” button and select needed aspect ratio and zoom. You can select “Save as defaults” to apply selected options for all channels with default settings.

  16. Ramyonk says:

    Bro how can I scan udp links ?

    • nikman says:

      You can test signal for the channels of your playlist. Just select needeв channels and from popup menu choose “Channels signal” -> “Scan selected channels”.

  17. John Göt says:

    If I buy in app then no advertisting anymore?

  18. Martin says:

    Hi , what a great app first off. I was wondering though could you add support for other video players like mx player, vlc . I get break up on yours but not on others . I love the app so much but would like option to use different plugins


  19. Jan Mulder says:

    How can I create multiple Channel groups (multiple favourite lists)? For example: Sports, Italian, English, French, etc. .
    I am working with a m3u file from my provider.
    It looks like I can only make one favourite list in Perfect Player.


    • nikman says:

      You can use PC version of Perfect Player to modify your playlist (add groups, sort channels, etc.) and then use exported M3U file or directly sync data on Android from PC.

  20. Jan Mulder says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! Super.

  21. Danilo says:

    Vorrei donare per passare alla versione Pro dal play store non mi è possibile un altra soluzione?

  22. Bunti says:

    Hi, This player works perfect on android phone, but can get work on nexus player tv. When I set up playback as a hardware i get FC, on native any links just not work.

  23. javier says:

    as I can see url torrent like this thanks ?

  24. gfm26 says:

    Hello Are you a net address for epg canalsat France ?…

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