PP is not currently available on Google Play

One of the broadcasters complained to Google about the possibility of watching their content in the application from illegal sources. Which is odd, given that the app doesn’t contain any content.

For those who have the “Full version” it is not recommended to uninstall, as you will probably lose the “Full version” after reinstalling.

At the moment, we are trying to handle the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it’s not our fault.

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6 Responses to PP is not currently available on Google Play

  1. Arh60 says:

    meanwhile where I can download the app?

  2. N1@ll3r says:

    Thanks fir update. Working on my android tv and android box, but whenever I try to use it on my phone it just gives me a blank non responsive screen and i have to force power off phone to get the phone responsive again.

  3. OrhanT says:

    Very soon also TV boxes will be banned. Smart TV’s phones and everything from where you can watch (supposedly) illegal content….. It is the same as banning PP.

  4. justauser says:

    looks like a couple of iptv players got temporarly removed from tghe play store.
    i guess its just a matter of time..

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