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13 Responses to Rate our apps

  1. Randy says:

    Can’t get it to wok after entering http you sent me. Starts to down load with 0 results.please help me get this working. Watched several YouTube vid. And nothing worked I purchased this app.

    • nikman says:

      Check that playlist URL you’ve got from your IPTV provider or elsewhere is correct and working.
      You can test it by downloading playlist file in browser.

  2. Fernanda says:

    Hello there! I installed PP on my sony Android tv. I entered de main menu, configured the lists and then…IT JUST DOESNT GO BACK!! Its like the Back button doesnt work! I’m stuck on the menu forever unless I restart the tv. Is there another button in the remote that does the trick?
    Tjank you in advance. Your app works great on my phone…

    • nikman says:

      “Back” button should exit from settings. There is no such issue from Sony Bravia Android TV users.
      Install the app only from official App Stores.

  3. george says:

    I can,t get it to work either , on stick or windows . I have no id or password and no iptv provider . where do I get these ?

  4. insidedge says:

    hi. you app is not working in windows 10. it is not opening. pls check.
    also can u pls make this app for Apple tv too?

  5. malek says:

    Does the paid version continue to have Adds?or its Adds free?
    I am asking because I purchased the GSE SMART IPTV app but its continue to
    show Adds more than before!!Google took its 1$ too!
    Whats the benefits of the upgraded version of Perfect Player?
    Thank You

    • nikman says:

      Currently, Full version features:
      – No Ads
      – “Play last channel at startup” option available

  6. Bruno says:

    Please could you create Perfect Remote for iOS to control my Sony Bravia Perfect Player? I would like to pay for it.

  7. Laraking says:

    It’s not giving me different countries group ,it’s just giving me all channels

    • nikman says:

      Check that you have “group-title” tags in your playlist.
      You can send your playlist for tests.

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