Running under Linux

Tried to run Perfect Player under Linux. I used:

  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • wine (tried 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7) at WINEARCH=win32
  • winetricks

To run the program it is need to be installed WMP10 (or 9). The best way to install it is winetricks utility.
After that Perfect Player can be installed and launched.
Howewer, I found that this way it works only as channels manager and playlist generator.
Playing videos doesn’t work 🙁 – guess, this would need more tweaking.
I do not have much experience working with wine so if someone can make it to play videos, please, let me know.
Suppose, that if you force WMP to play videos, then Perfect Player will also can play.

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37 Responses to Running under Linux

  1. Ludmar says:

    The channels checking works on linux/wine?!

  2. demus says:

    is this app available for apple mac books, ipads and iphones

  3. rafael santana says:

    Just use kodi in linux is way better

    • VureBufe says:

      Kodi is not always an option for so many reasons. But even if it was, Kodi is not way better. It is nowhere near as smooth. If you had said Plex i would understand, but Perefect Player is still much smoother/faster.

  4. Willie Nelson says:

    Kodi bugging out completely with my Subscription (Think of Darth Vader) and it is useless. They recommend perfect player on their forums, but I am running ubuntu 17.10. Any sign of a build for linux?

    • Balkan says:

      I am with you here. When is a Linux build for Perfect Player coming (if ever).

      • nikman says:

        It is not on recent plans.

        • kolos says:

          Please work on linix version. It would be greatly appreciated !!

          • markosjal says:

            Nikman There is no such player for linux. I have searched high and low and tried many solutions. Most of the Kodi solutions are very slow compared to PP.

            Why not be the first and set the trend?

            I suggest you might want to loog into Linux as well as a kodi addon.

  5. Devilzeyez says:

    it would be so great if there is a Linux version hope it will come out soon, cuz there is no good iptv players for Linux

  6. Krasi Georgiev says:

    +1 for linux build!

  7. Archer says:

    +1 for linux build

  8. Filomeno Santos says:

    +1 for linux build

  9. Devilzeyez says:

    any word from the developer on linux build???

  10. Fakmi Krist says:

    yes for linux!

  11. Balkan says:

    +1 for Linux Build


    +1 for Linux !!!

  13. Kerry says:

    yes for linux build of perfect player

  14. Doris Mathis says:


  15. qazwsxxxxcx says:

    +1 for Linux !!!

  16. tarantul says:

    +1 for Linux !!!

  17. qwentyn says:

    yes for linux build of perfect player

  18. +1 waiting for a linux version plz

  19. Vitaly says:

    + Linux is waiting for you

  20. wert says:

    yes for linux!

  21. Lexsi says:

    + linux

  22. Carlos Galvao says:

    Hi Nikman
    Do you hear about “snap” or “flatpack”? These are two ways to “pack” some programs and run in any Linux distribution. Even Skype has a Snap version. Snap belong to Canonical (“owner” of Ubuntu) and Flatpak is “independent community”. Maybe there is a way to make a Perfect Player Linux Version.
    Kind regards

  23. André says:

    +1 linux

  24. Jancis says:

    +1 Linux

  25. Dorian says:

    +1 Linux

  26. Sparky says:

    Is this app still live? If so, has a table Linux version been released? Thanks. It looks great and would love to try it out

  27. Иван Крузенштерн says:

    да -=) и все ещё требует linux )))

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