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  1. fal says:

    l found it very good and better than simple player tv

  2. abdou says:

    pl how to update newer verseion for OTT tv m8

  3. ALBAHARI says:

    How can I put more than m3u as groups . now all of them comes together I mean it appears as All channels

  4. giovanniggg says:

    i have write 3 epg url, but i don’t see nothing.
    I have to set something ?
    More thanks

    • nikman says:

      Android or PC?

      • giovanniggg says:


        • nikman says:

          Try to activate EPG assign mode in Settings to see available EPG channels list and channels EPG matching.
          You can send me playlist and EPG URL to try.

          • Christopher Formosa says:

            Is there a way to have the epg assigned to channels automatically rather than have to match them one by one? I have around 900 channels and 900 epgs.


          • nikman says:

            If channels in your playlist have names or tvg-id/tvg-name tags that matches EPG’s channels data they will be matched automatically. Otherwise, you should assign missed EPG channels manually.
            After assignments you can Backup settings (including logos/EPG assignments), to Restore it later on this or any other devices.

  5. John says:

    Can I add Ruya iptv to this thanks

  6. Milan says:


    Can you fix problem with subtitle? I choose it from menu for some channel, but subtitle isn’t show

    • nikman says:

      Probably, your device do not support subs change on-the-fly when using native player.
      We are working on subs support improvement when native player unchecked.

  7. MrZhu says:

    Hi, great app. The streams though repeat a few seconds from time to time (i guess network issues) when in native mode. Hw accelerated or software i think is fine, stream just blocks if there is an issue. Happens with 2 boxes that i tried, one is a mxq and another android box with an allwinner cpu. I cant use hw or sw mode as the video/audio sync not ok then or box is not powerful to process the hd streams.

    Other than that its perfect!

  8. tunii says:

    is it possible to install onto fire tv stick? when yes do you have tutorial? i will buy app when plays fine.

    • nikman says:

      Yes. You can install it as APK. Link
      Currently, Full version purchase is possible only on devices with Google Play accounts.

  9. Lukas Roznovsky says:

    Hello. I am using IPTV with dynamic M3U playlist (generated each 12 hours), it means I am not able to change channel numbers by editing M3U playlist. Is possible to create own list of channels without modified M3U playlist? I checked that I can add channels to Favorites but not able to change channels numbers (channels are sorted by first letter of channel name). Thank you for answer

    • nikman says:

      Dynamic playlist is not a dream.
      Without constant URL there is no way to identify channels. So, if you can get constant channels URLs for your playlist, one can make plugin to extract constant URL by pattern. By this you can use PC version of Perfect Player to setup playlist and sync it with Android or use Adaptive sorting (mostly watched channels at the top of the list).
      For ex, if one channel at different time looks like this:

      we can use /channels/channel1.m3u8 as a channel ID.

  10. Sajjad says:

    I am trying to load playlist in Android app but problem is when i select update option it only show my number of available channels in that playlist but didnt load channels in app means playlist downloaded 0/700 like this. Can you please help me to solve this issue.

    • nikman says:

      Uncheck VOD checkbox in playlist preferences.

      • Sajjad says:

        Thanx it work now but i load playlist with icons and categories but in app only showing all channels without logos how to fix this.

        • nikman says:

          Playlist should have group-title tags for channels groups ang tvg-logo tags for logos. You can use Logos assign mode to manually assign missed logos (watch video tutorial).

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